Realistic Homer Simpson Art Disturbs Pretty Much Everyone

Eugh. We mean "d'oh!"

3D artist Miguel Vasquez has a habit of taking some of the purest cartoon characters – those that have previously only inspired joy-joy feelings within us – and turning them into the worst thing we’ve ever seen.

For example, you may remember his SpongeBob and Patrick from last year…

…yes. Indeed. Oh, God. Just as we’d forgotten. Well, Vasquez is back with his take on Homer Simpson, and it’s been unsettling the internet for most of the weekend. The oblivious patriarch of the longrunning animated Fox series has gotten the realistic 3D model treatment from the artist, and let’s just say if you retroactively replace the comforting image of The Simpsons‘ beloved dad that your brain knew and loved before with this new version, either choking his young son angrily or lusting after his nuclear power plant co-worker, Mindy, it’s likely to revolt, then lobotomize itself in protest. Feel free to flick through the pics below, if you dare…

Once again, thank you for the nightmares, Miguel.

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