Rare Twin Peaks Behind the Scenes Video Uncovered

Recorded as the original series wound down, this rare Twin Peaks video offers a look at the sets and many of the cast.

While the return of Twin Peaks this year has been treated as a huge pop culture event, the series wasn’t always so beloved. In its original airing back in the early ’90s the show started off as a huge hit but ratings quickly declined. The show was on life support and was nearly cancelled in the middle of its second season. Thanks to a fan campaign named COOP (Citizens Opposed to the Offing of Peaks), the show was granted a full second season and its final episodes aired.

To thank the fans for keeping the show alive, the Twin Peaks team invited several leaders of the COOP campaign to the set. While there, they took video to send back to fan clubs across the country.

You can watch that video below.

Hardcore fans will note this was shot during the last batch of episodes, with Sheryl Lee in Laura’s outfit from the final episode, the Miss Twin Peaks competition set, Richard Beymer (Ben Horne) taking photos, and Michael J. Anderson on the scene as The Man from Another Place. 

The video is a rare look behind the scenes of the Twin Peaks production offices in Van Nuys, California where the series was shot. It’s a unique time capsule of the show, not overly staged like so many interviews at the time but more off-the-cuff. Beymer especially seems delighted to speak with the fans and mess around with their camera. Jack Nance (Pete) thanks all the fans and newspapers for keeping the Twin Peaks spirit alive. 

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Just when you think every bit of the original Twin Peaks series has been covered, something new comes to light. Thanks to IndieWire for unearthing this treasure trove. 

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