Quantum & Woody TV Series in Development With Russo Brothers

The next Russo Brothers project after Avengers 4 might be Valiant's classic comedy duo, Quantum and Woody!

Joe and Anthony Russo, the directing team behind Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War are bringing their talents back to television after they’re done with Marvel blockbusters.

Apparently their next project will be Quantum & Woody, the comedic comic duo created by Christopher Priest and MD Bright, then updated for the current Valiant universe by James Asmus, Tom Fowler, and Steve Lieber. The comic follows Eric Henderson and Woody Van Chelton, estranged adopted brothers who reunite after their genius scientist father’s murder. In the course of investigating his death, they each have a metal band stuck to their arm that gives them superpowers, but they have to clap the bands together once every 24 hours or risk dissolving into super-energy. 

Deadline reports that the Quantum & Woody TV series will land on TBS.

Bright’s art was a burst of late-’90s fun and paired with Priest, whose praises are well-sung around these parts, they made beautiful music together. The newer version, which is likely to be the foundation for the upcoming series is one of the funniest comics that’s come out in the last decade. The pregnant, superpowered goat who talks through a speak n’ spell is one of the best characters in the entire Valiant Universe.

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Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari of Ant-Manfame join the Russos, and Mike Larocca as executive producers. This is a good time to remind everyone of where the Russos got their start: directing some of the best episodes of Arrested Development, and then the paintball episode of Community, widely considered the best episode of the show. If this ends up happening, this show could be something special.