Pushing Daisies: final episodes start airing in the UK

They’re still sitting on a shelf in the US, but the last three episodes of Pushing Daisies have finally found a home on UK TV…

Pushing Daisies

One of the most tragic show cancellations of recent times was the decision to cull Pushing Daisies just as its second season was being finished off. At times a daring and original show, the axe fell after the ratings failed to match those of, no doubt, some reality show or other. And thus we strike another wonderfully written and interesting show off the airwaves.

What didn’t help either was the fact that the final episodes of the show remained unaired, being stuck in the kind of scheduling limbo that makes you simply despair. At least, that was, until ITV popped along.

Presumably ITV bought the series lock, stock and barrel, and it’s now – as we reported two weeks’ ago – started airing the final three episodes of Pushing Daisies here in the UK. So here’s a reminder. Running on Friday nights in a graveyard slot at 10.35pm, the first of the final three episodes – which haven’t even aired in the States yet – was shown last week (‘Window Dressed To Kill’). The final two episodes will run the Friday coming (24th April), and the series will conclude forever on Friday 1st May.

It’s a bittersweet story to write. On one hand, it’s great to finally get a chance to see the last few episodes of the show (without having to shell out for a DVD boxout), but on the other hand, this is still the end of something really very good indeed. Still, next Friday at 10.35pm it is, then…

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