Preacher Season 3 Episode 9: Exclusive First Look

Watch an exclusive clip from Preacher’s new episode!

This article contains spoilers for Preacher.

Don’t let the title fool you—this exclusive sneak peek at Preacher’s penultimate season 3 episode, “Schwanzkopf,” is all about Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) and Eccarius (Adam Croasdell). In what has proven to be one of the season’s strongest storylines, what started as a fairly humorous vampire bromance has blossomed into quite a compelling romance. That is, until Cassidy finds out that Eccarius has been slaughtering the newly minted vampires he was supposed to be sending forth into the world as missionaries. Naturally, this doesn’t sit well with Cassidy, and in this clip, his feelings for Eccarius aren’t stopping him from taking the elder vampire to task for his misdeeds. What’s especially egregious to Cassidy is that Eccarius has such low regard for his wide-eyed acolytes. He throws Cassidy’s own words back in his face when he refers to them all as losers and posers.

What’s so effective about this scene—and indeed about their entire relationship is that Gilgun and Croasdell have held nothing back this season. It’s easy to understand what each man sees in the other. Cassidy is a hooligan with a heart of gold. Eccarius exudes charm and confidence. And, as it turns out, they’re both addicts—though as Cassidy notes, people are Eccarius’s drug of choice.

This brilliant clip ends on a real cliffhanger, with Cassidy threatening to tell Les Enfants du Sang the truth about their leader. Eccarius, however, isn’t about to let him kill his proverbial golden goose. As much as I want Cassidy to find true love, I don’t want it to be with this person. But good on Preacher for making me care so damn much again about Gilgun’s “lying junkie vampire.”

Catch Preacher’s new episode this Sunday on AMC at 10pm EST. And be sure to join us here for our continuing coverage of season 3!

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