Peter Kay stiffs his fans again!

Stand-up comedian Peter Kay has another live DVD out this Christmas - only much of the material will be very familiar...

Peter Kay, here pictured in Doctor Who.

We’re big fans of stand-up comedy at DoG, and particularly enjoy the raft of stand-up DVDs that emerge every Christmas. Last year’s choice was the achingly ace Dara O’Briain release, which we now recommend to everyone in sight. Including you.

We’ve quite enjoyed Peter Kay material in the past, too. However, he caused some controversy a year or two back over a DVD release linked to his record-breaking ‘Mum Wants A Bungalow Tour‘. Back in 2003, he released a DVD on a show from that tour filming in Bolton. Costing £19.99, it ran for 84 minutes and was really quite good.

However, two years later, out popped another release: Peter Kay Live At Manchester Arena. It cost £21.99, and the clue to this one was in the small print on the cover. “A special farewell performance of the Mum Wants A Bungalow Tour”, it said. It was special alright: the main feature included material seen on the previous release, but was edited down to less than 50 minutes. It was an outrage, and many people rightly got upset about it.

And now, browsing the Christmas release lists, it seems that Kay is stiffing his fans again. Selling for £21.99 this time is a 77-minute Best Of compilation DVD called Stand Up Ukay. This time, the people who paid to make Kay rich and famous in the first place can shell out to “see all his greatest moments”. There’s little sign of any fresh stand-up material, which his army of fans would be happy to pay out for. Instead, the avid collector could have paid around £60 for three DVDs that have a great deal of crossed over material. ‘Rip-off’ and ‘pillaging the people who pay your wages’ barely covers it. We’re happy to be proved wrong in the disc does turn out to be archive material, or is made up primarily of previously unseen work. But it won’t be.

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So instead of being fleeced again, we’re giving Stand Up Ukay a miss, and instead trying out the upcoming releases from Mark Thomas, Alan Carr, Marcus Brigstocke and Sean Hughes. Maybe they won’t charge us all for the same stuff over and over.