People Just Do Nothing: US Remake Coming From Bojack Horseman Writer

Mehar Sethi is writing a People Just Do Nothing pilot for Amazon...

BAFTA-winning UK series People Just Do Nothing is being lined up for a US remake.

The BBC’s pirate radio station comedy is heading to Amazon, where Mehar Sethi (BoJack Horseman, The Mick, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia) will write and executive procuce a pilot episode for consideration. It’ll be set in Vegas, as the logline (via Variety) reveals:

The untitled, half-hour project is a mockumentary following a group of working class DJs and their friends in a town called North Las Vegas: a land of mini malls and vast parking lots, where the lights of The Strip act as a beacon of fame and glory that’s just out of reach. The series tracks their stumbling ambitions, and explores how relationships between friends and family evolve as the reality of peoples’ dreams starts to hit.

The creators and stars of the original UK show – Hugo Chegwin, Steve Stamp, Asim Chaudhry and Allan Mustafa – will also executive produce the pilot, and the series, if Amazon gives it the go-ahead.

Series 5 of our People Just Do Nothing will be the last, and will air on the BBC later this year.

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