On Becoming a God in Central Florida Trailer Released

Kirsten Dunst blinds an all-seeing pyramid in a new trailer for On Becoming a God in Central Florida.

On Becoming a God in Central Florida

Pyramid schemes didn’t start with the Illuminati and didn’t end with Amway. Showtime‘s new series, On Becoming A God in Central Florida, shows the cult of free enterprise is alive and thriving in the southeast land of the mouse. Kirsten Dunst stars as a water park worker who floats to the top in the 10-episode comedy. 

Set in 1992, Dunst’s character, Krystal Stubbs, lives in the Orlando area. Struggling to make ends meet as a minimum wage worker at a rundown water park, she drinks the kool-aid of multilevel marketing scams. She gets duped by Founders American Enterprise (FAM), a cult-like company which has already brainwashed most of her community with their promises of an “A-list, six-star, jet-set lifestyle,” and decides to beat them at their own game.

The pilot was directed by Charlie McDowell. The flag-waving, multi-billion-dollar organization is run by Obie Garbeau II, played by Ted Levine. Théodore Pellerin plays Cody, the company’s most loyal and fanatical follower. Mel Rodriguez plays Ernie, the boss at the water park, Beth Ditto plays his wife, Bets, who is skeptical about the FAM culture and promises.

You can watch the trailer here:

On Becoming a God in Central Florida also stars Big Little Lies and True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgård, who shows us, in the trailer, what a winner looks like. The series also features Mary Steenburgen (Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Last Man on Earth), Usman Ally (Veep), Julie Benz (Dexter), Melissa De Sousa (Ladies of the Law), John Earl Jelks (True Detective), Sharon Lawrence (Shameless), Josh Fadem (Better Call Saul), and Da’Vine Joy Randolph (Empire).

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The 10-episode series is produced by Sony’s TriStar Television. It is executive produced by creators Robert Funke and Matt Lutsky alongside Dunst, Smokehouse Pictures’ George Clooney and Grant Heslov, McDowell, showrunner Esta Spalding, and Sarah Shepard.

On Becoming a God in Central Florida premieres on Sunday, Aug. 25 at 10 p.m.

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