OCP…err, Fox takes reality TV to new nadir

Sadly it's not April first, as Fox picks up a reality show where recession-struck businesses must decide which real-life employee gets the sack...

Variety reports that Fox are set to output new reality-show Someone’s Gotta Go, in which the production team enters a  cash-poor company in recession-struck America and lets its employees decide which among them is going to get the axe.

Fox reality supremo Mike Darnell said: “It’s ‘Survivor’ meets ‘The Office’. When someone is arbitrarily let go the first reaction usually is ‘How come that person was fired when another idiot is still here?’ This finally gives employees a chance to make that decision instead of a boss.”

During the course of each episode – and the show is already in production – the employees get to learn what everyone in the company actually makes as a salary and will get to sound out what they really think of each other.

The idea came to Darnell after seeing a news report on a business owner who disclosed to her employees what they all earned, which led to discussions among the staff as to who merited the bum’s rush and who was valuable to the company.

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I’m in a rush to get the news done this morning and just don’t have time to adequately express how depressing it is to me that focus groups and research have indicated to Fox that Someone’s Gotta Go could be a hit. If you watch it, you’re part of the problem, so don’t ever complain about it.