New Robin Costume Revealed for Titans TV Series

Get your first full look at the new Robin costume coming to the Titans TV series!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you an immediate, strong candidate for the best live action superhero costume around. We’ve been getting pretty excited for quite some time about the Titans TV series in development for the upcoming DC Universe streaming service. It just wrapped principal photography for the season, and it’s currently scheduled to arrive in late 2018. They’ve released a few photos here and there, including an initial shot of Brenton Thwaites in character, as well as a terrific image of Hawk and Dove. But until now, we haven’t seen a full reveal of Thwaites as Robin.

Well, we’ve got two photos for you, and I am not disappointed. First, check out this rugged, fight-weary mugshot…

That right there? That’s how Dick Grayson is supposed to look. For anyone who thinks Batman doesn’t need a Robin, or that Grayson is inherently less cool as Robin than he is as Nightwing, I’m here to say…nah. You don’t get to be Nightwing until you’ve gone through the wringer as Robin, and it’s pretty clear that the version of Dick Grayson we’re gonna meet on Titans has paid his dues. 

But the full costume shot is even better…

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Yep, that’s most certainly Dick Grayson. But it’s Dick Grayson wearing a cross between Tim Drake’s best costume design and Damian Wayne’s. That’s fine by me. This new Robin costume looks like a cross between the practicality of the Christopher Nolan Batman movies and the devotion to the color and spirit of superheroes that we get on shows like The Flash and Arrow. Honestly, if you told me this was a Robin costume for a new Batman movie and not a TV series, I’d believe it.

The costume is heavily influenced by the Neal Adams/Norm Breyfogle design for Tim Drake’s Robin costume…

After the success of the 1989 Batman movie, DC Comics redesigned the Robin costume, with one eye on how it might play in a Batman movie sequel. While it took a little longer for a similar costume to appear (I don’t blame Chris O’Donnell for the dreadful Batman Forever), those early appearances of the costume, illustrated by Norm Breyfogle, were absolutely killer. There’s a lot of that design here, from the two-tone cape to the split-toed ninja boots and their assymetrical shape. This takes the extra step of covering Robin’s bare arms (sensible enough) and adding some Kevlar-like texturing. I hope if they ever show us this world’s version of Batman, the costume has blue highlights and a yellow oval around the bat. 

I’ve seen some complaints here and there that the costume seems a little too bulky for Robin. I don’t know if I buy that. I think the lighting and the semi-crouched position are adding to that illusion. The real key here is if Mr. Thwaites (and his stunt doubles) can convincingly fight in it. Dick Grayson is an acrobat, and if this costume impedes movement in any way, we have a problem. 

In the meantime, I’m not in any hurry to see this version of Dick decide to hang up the cape in favor of becoming Nightwing. Bring on Titans!