New Rick and Morty Episode (Not Really) Released by Adult Swim

Adult Swim released a “Rick and Morty” episode called “Bushworld Adventures” for April Fool's Day.

In case you missed it, Adult Swim actually did go ahead and release a new Rick and Morty episode for April Fool’s Day this year. However, I am going to make a dangerous prediction and say that it’s probably not going to be part of Rick and Morty season 4.

This episode is the length of one of Adult Swim’s shorter programs and was created by strange Australian internet animator man, Michael Cusack. The guys are called Reek and Mordi now, they live in Australia, and there’s actually not that much sci-fi rigmarole to be found. Reek is even more abusive than Rick and his portal gun is a regular, real gun that he kills a man with.

The plot, in which Reek forces Mordi to go on a road trip to Bendingo to get his green cube, makes only the barest of sense as shit just kind of happens throughout. Some of it is genuinely terrifying as Reek screams at Mordi while holding a gun to his head, but I also chuckled at several spots. Funnily enough, this all feels oddly true to the original animated short by Justin Roiland that first introduced Rick and Morty, in which the characters were named Doc and Mharti and every plot development was based around Mharti licking Doc’s balls (there’s an uncomfortable suggestion of fellatio in “Bushworld Adventures” but, luckily, it never comes to pass).

This aired on TV yesterday before midnight, but if you didn’t catch it,  it’s still streaming through Adult Swim’s website. I’d say it’s worth a gander. Bonza!

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