Netflix UK releases new top ten most-watched list

The streaming service is running an experiment to see if unveiling the most popular shows and movies is helpful for users.

Netflix announced a little while back that it was to let its users in the UK see which TV series and films were grabbing the biggest audiences. It’ll be posting a weekly top ten list for a currently-undetermined trial period, and a new list has just been released.

The streaming giant has historically been notoriously shy about revealing just how many people are watching specific content on the service, eschewing typical ratings gossip, and it’s likely this ‘top ten’ experiment is viewed as a happy medium – allowing a particular section of viewers to concentrate on what’s been relatively hot, so they can catch up and chat about it with friends and family.

Via Deadline, Netflix first approached curating the list by looking at the “most-watched individual season of a show, film or special and ‘watched’ means subscribers finished at least 70% of one episode.”

Just one?! Hmm.

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Without further ado, here is the latest top ten for the UK:

1) Orange Is The New Black2) Stranger Things3) Otherhood4) The Red Sea Diving Resort5) Another Life6) Jane The Virgin7) Suits8) American Made9) Sugar Rush10) Secret Obsession

“It’s a test as we want to make sure this information is useful for you. So we may tweak it in the weeks ahead …and if people don’t find it useful we’ll stop,” Netflix explained.

“There’s a bunch of our members that really enjoy watching the most popular shows because they enjoy watching the show and then engaging in the public conversation around the show and all of the memes that are shared,” Netflix’s Chief Product Officer Greg Peters said recently. “We want to do a good job to let our members know what those most popular shows are and then can participate. We’re quite bullish on that and we’ll see how it does.”