Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories Now Available on Shudder

You can now check out all four episodes of the Neil Gaiman-inspired anthology on Shudder TV.

Shudder TV has its answer to Black Mirror. You can now watch all four parts of Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories on the horror-centric streaming service.

The anthology series originally aired on Sky Arts in the UK, but is not available to American viewers via the streaming-only service that falls under the AMC umbrella.

Here’s the official description from Shudder TV:

Adapted from Gaiman’s dark tales, this collection of distinct, odd and brilliant short stories is both cinematic and strange. In each film, each character is compelled to share their story and we’re drawn into their very act of telling tall tales. While each episode has its own lead character, they are backed by an ensemble cast that play across all four bold and original films.

The four stories include: “Foreign Parts,” the story of a celibate man who suddenly contracts a venereal disease that makes him more confident; “Looking for the Girl,” the story of a photographer telling an interview about his search for an ageless model; “Feeders and Eaters,” the story of an elderly woman with a hunger for raw meat; and “Closing Time,” the story of a man remembering an experience with a haunted house when he was a child.

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And here’s the creepy, mesmerizing trailer…