Nathan Fillion Suits Up as Firefly’s Captain Mal on American Housewife

Nathan Fillion’s upcoming guest stint on ABC’s American Housewife – as himself – has a plan to play on your Firefly heartstrings.

Firefly is closing in on the somber 15-year anniversary of the celebrated single-season show’s final airing on Fox (August 4, 2003). Yet, the mythical status of Joss Whedon’s Fox sci-fi adventure series hasn’t quite diminished, evidenced by an upcoming guest stint of the former star of that series (and its 2005 movie offering, Serenity), Nathan Fillion, on ABC sitcom American Housewife, which will carry an intriguing Firefly callback.

Nathan Fillion will, once again, don the iconic outfit he sported on Firefly. However, the caveat here is that, rather than the revival for which fans have long clamored, the appearance will occur on an upcoming episode of American Housewife, in which Fillion is set to portray… well, Nathan Fillion!

The actor’s two-episode guest run on Housewife, seems to prove that the sitcom takes place in a universe in which Nathan Fillion – the actor – is reprising his legendary, cult-iconic, role as the captain of Firefly ship Serenity, Malcolm Reynolds, in a revival of some kind. Indeed, the fan-friendly actor, Fillion, took to Instagram with a battery of pics that reveal the process that will see him suit up as Captain Mal, culminating with a peek at a replica set of the Serenity cockpit.

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Hmm. That’s… familiar. #americanhousewife

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Fillion, whose post-Firefly television career has been defined by ABC, most notably with his successful 7-year run on romance-teasing police procedural Castle (and, arguably, his run on Desperate Housewives), is prepping a return to the network to star in police drama pilot, The Rookie. On that prospective series, Fillion will tap his talent as an embattled fish out of water, playing a middle-aged man who decides to become the oldest rookie cop in the Los Angeles Police Department. He recently fielded a memorable appearance on Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet – a role he reprises in the upcoming second season in a very different form – and, last year, lent his voice to animated franchise hit, Cars 3.

Of course, the American Housewife Captain Mal dress-up session will hardly be the first time that Fillion went full Firefly meta with his other platforms, with the most notable example being on Castle in a 2009 Season 2 episode, titled “Vampire Weekend,” in which he cheekily donned his old Captain Mal garb, calling it “Space Cowboy” (perhaps a shot across the bow to the similarly-premised cult anime hit series, Cowboy Bebop?).

For now, there’s no confirmed date for Nathan Fillion’s upcoming American Housewife-bound Firefly/Captain Mal callback. However, the sitcom airs Wednesdays at 9:30/8:30c on ABC.

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