Natalie Portman Defends Star Wars Prequels on SNL

Natalie Portman resumed her rapping career on this week's SNL and with it brought along a compelling defense of the Star Wars prequels.

Natalie Portman has heard what you had to say about how better the new Star Wars films are than the prequels. And she’s had enough of that shit.

Portman hosted Saturday Night Live this week and brought back a nearly decade-old sketch in which she raps rather aggressively about the events of her life. You rememebr the skit. One of the earlier SNL Digital Shorts in which she promises that she will kill our dogs for fun so don’t push her. 

The new rap is more of the same. It’s deliriously violent, unhinged and lots of fun. Most importantly, however, is that Natalie has some words for those who dare tread upon the Star Wars prequels in which she starred as Queen Padme Amidala.

Beck Bennett, taking over for Chris Parnell’s interviewer from the first rap makes a grave, ill-timed mistake in mentioning that The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi are much better than the prequels. He pays for it with his life. But before that, Natalie makes sure we all know where we stand on Jar Jar Binks and his 17 penises.

All in all it was a fun return to SNL for Portman, who fits in nicely with the cast and crew’s brand of aggressive weirdness. She was a welcome presence in nearly every sketch and even exceled in what is undoubtedly the sketch of the night: Colonial Philadelphia vs. Colonial New England.

The Revolutionary War-era Americans are sick and tired of New England’s winning ways led by Portman and surprise guest Rachel Dratch. The prospect of New England winning yet another major battle seems insufferable until we’re introduced to the other option: Philadelphia, led by one of the cities proudest daughters.

Saturday Night Live is heading to a hiatus now for NBC’s coverage of the Winter Olympics. May Kenan Thompson trying to approximate a Philadelphia accent keep us warm until then.

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