Murphy Brown Returning to CBS With New Episodes

OK, it's not really a reboot. Candice Bergen will return for 13 new episodes of Murphy Brown on CBS.

Proving once again that they have their finger firmly on the pulse of the ever-evolving TV audience, CBS has…oh, who am I kidding. CBS is bringing back Murphy Brown, a show that ran for an impressive 247 episodes across 10 seasons between 1988 and 1998. Nothing like bringing back a show that has been off the air for 20 years, right?

Now, lest I sound too sour or snarky about this, I should be clear: Murphy Brown was a brilliant comedy. Candice Bergen played Murphy Brown, a 40-something TV reporter with absolutely no tolerance for anybody’s bullshit. At its best, the show had a particular machine gun wit to it and an edge that was often lacking in the sanitized network sitcoms of the late ’80s.

When during the show’s fourth season Murphy Brown opted to pursue her pregnancy and become a single mother, the show drew the ire of Vice President Dan Quayle, who in the innocent days of 1992 seemed like the dumbest, most embarrassing nitwit anybody could ever imagine anywhere near the Oval Office. The fact that the Vice President of the United States would spend so much as a single minute of his important day complaining about the lifestyle choices of a fictional character in a feeble attempt to curry favor with his political base appeared completely ludicrous at the time.

How far we have come.

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The new Murphy Brown series isn’t a reboot (thankfully) and instead will see Candice Bergen reprise her role, charting her adventures as she “returns to a world of cable news, social media, fake news, and a very different political and pop cultural climate.” OK, so maybe this has a chance. And surely, there’s no way it could antagonize our even-tempered and sane Commander-in-Chief who is far too busy to watch TV, right?

If CBS is smart, they’ll have someone running an in-character verified Twitter account as Murphy Brown and another for the FYI show and staff by the time I finish typing this. Instead, they’re probably working on another awful Big Bang Theory spinoff.

In any case, new episodes of Murphy Brown will air during the 2018-2019 TV season.