MST3K Turkey Day 2020: How to Watch the Marathon This Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, it's another marathon of classic MST3K episodes. This time, the six movies are chosen by the fans!

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day 2020

It’s an unfortunately quiet time for Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans. About a year ago, it was announced that Netflix was not going to be picking up the series for another season. While waiting for the contract to run out so they could move the series elsewhere, creator Joel Hodgson was able to fall back on doing a third tour of live shows through the country. This plan dissipated once COVID reared its ugly head.

As we wait for time to move forward so that MST3K can breathe again, we can at least take solace in Thanksgiving, the holiday where MST3K truly gets to thrive. Since its inception, MST3K has been linked to Thanksgiving and it’s been an annual tradition to celebrate the series with a Turkey Day marathon. Especially in the digital age, Turkey Day means getting to sit down and enjoy six classic episodes of MST3K with some special segments linking it all together.

Turkey Day 2020 will start on November 26 at 9 am ET. It will be hosted by Emily Marsh, the test subject for the latest version of the MST3K Live tour. She’ll be accompanied by the live tour’s incarnations of the ‘bots, including Conor McGiffen as Tom Servo, Nate Begle as Crow T. Robot, and Yvonne Freese as GPC (and also the tour’s main villain Mega Synthia). Special appearances include Rebecca Hanson as Synthia, Jonah Ray as Jonah Heston, and Joel Hodgson himself.

What Movies are in the MST3K Turkey Day 2020 Marathon? has been behind selecting the six episodes for the marathon by doing a 24-entry bracket made up of 12 Joel episodes and 12 Mike episodes. Sorry, Cry Wilderness fans! Apparently, the plan is to have the fans use the bracket to pick five episodes while the sixth will be a wild card. I’m not 100% sure how that works, but I imagine that means the four semifinalists are in with the quarterfinalist losers being put against each other to figure out the fifth episode.

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If that’s the case, then the marathon should include:

  • I Accuse My Parents (Season 5, Episode 7)
  • Hobgoblins (Season 9, Episode 7)
  • Pod People (Season 3, Episode 3)
  • Final Justice (Season 10, Episode 8)
  • Eegah (Season 5, Episode 6), The Day the Earth Froze (Season 4, Episode 22), The Sinister Urge (Season 6, Episode 13), or The Horrors of Spider Island (Season 10, Episode 11)
  • Whatever the wild card episode is.

Going by the four finalists, this is a pretty solid lineup. Pod People is considered one of the first truly great episodes of the show (and let’s face it, “Trumpy, you can do stupid things!” is a line that’s become increasingly relevant over the years). I Accuse My Parents is one of Joel’s favorite episodes and for good reason. Hobgoblins is much-needed as COVID cheated us out of a RiffTrax Live take of that movie many months ago. Then there’s Final Justice, MST3K’s second helping of Joe Don Baker abuse to the point that even Mike starts to feel bad about it by the end of the movie.

Where to Watch MST3K Turkey Day 2020

The Turkey Day 2020 stream will be available in various places, including Pluto TV, Twitch, Samsung TV Plus, Comcast Xfinity, Xumo, Vizio, Redbox, IMDB TV, STIRR, Sling TV, Theta.TV, LocalNow, and the MST3K YouTube Channel.

Keep track of news on the marathon at (which currently just sends you to the Shout Factory website, but whatever) and talk it up on social media with the hashtag #MST3KTurkeyDay.

Check out the trailer here:

Now somebody go get me a Sampo! And also somebody let me know what a Sampo actually is!