MST3K Live: Watch Out For Snakes! Tour Announced

This summer, Jonah Ray, Joel Hodgson, and others will be visiting cities across the US to watch Eegah and an unknown sci-fi thriller.

For fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000, things have been pretty great in the past year and a half. After an incredibly successful Kickstarter, the show earned enough money to make fourteen episodes. Next thing you know, they announced that Netflix would be their new home. Finally, the new season began and not only succeeded in living up to the hype, but gave us an instant classic episode with Cry Wilderness. Now all that’s left is to wait for Season 12 to get the go-ahead.

Luckily, there’s more to keep us entertained in the meantime.

Series creator Joel Hodgson just announced that this summer, the “off-season” as he puts it, Jonah Ray and the bots will be going on tour! MST3K Live: Watch Out For Snakes! Tour will take place from July 7 to August 12…at the very least. In an email to Kickstarter backers, Joel admitted that enough interest could easily lead to more shows popping up.

“Watch out for snakes!” is a random quote from one of the MST3K classic episodes Eegah (Season 5, Episode 6) and that’s a pretty apt choice since that’s one of the movies they’ll be watching. Most areas will have two separate shows available. One will have Jonah watching Eegah with new riffs and the other will be…something else. They’re keeping it a big secret. All that’s been said is that it’s a sci-fi thriller that’s never been on MST3K.

While Jonah Ray will be there, it’s iffy if Baron Vaugn and Hampton Yount will be reprising their roles as Servo and Crow, at least for the whole thing. Rebecca Hanson, who plays both Gypsy and Synthia (Pearl Forrester’s clone) will be there at least. As for Kinga Forrester and Max, Felicia Day and Patton Oswalt will appear on screen to mess with our heroes.

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Oh, and Joel will be there too!

The tickets go on sale on Friday, May 19 at noon per local time. BUT! If you’re a Kickstarter backer, you get early access to the tickets on May 15 from 10am to 10pm.

Here are the announced dates:

•    JUL 6 – Boston, MA (Eegah @ 7pm)  •    JUL 7 – Philadelphia, PA (Eegah @ 7pm / Secret Surprise @ 10pm)  •    JUL 8 – New York, NY (Eegah @ 6pm / Secret Surprise @ 9:30pm)  •    JUL 9 – Washington DC (Eegah @ 6pm / Secret Surprise @ 9pm)  •    JUL 12 – Columbus, OH (Eegah @ 8pm)•    JUL 13 – St. Louis, MO (Eegah @ 8pm)  •    JUL 14 – Royal Oak, MI (Eegah @ 7pm / Secret Surprise @ 10pm)  •    JUL 15 – Milwaukee, WI (Eegah @ 7pm / Secret Surprise @ 10pm)  •    JUL 16 – Chicago, IL (Eegah @ 5pm / Secret Surprise @ 8pm)  •    JUL 18 – Denver, CO (Eegah @ 8pm)  •    JUL 20 – Phoenix, AZ (Eegah @ 8pm)  •    JUL 21 – San Diego, CA (Eegah @ 7pm)  •    JUL 22 – San Diego, CA (Secret Surprise @ 7pm)  •    JUL 23 – Los Angeles, CA (Eegah @ 5pm / Secret Surprise @ 8pm)  •    JUL 26 – San Francisco, CA (Eegah @ 8pm)  •    JUL 27 – San Francisco, CA (Secret Surprise @ 8pm)  •    JUL 28 – Portland, OR (Eegah @ 8pm)   •    JUL 29 – Seattle, WA (Eegah @ 7pm / Secret Surprise @ 10pm)  •    JUL 30 – Vancouver, BC (Eegah @ 7pm)  •    AUG 1 – Salt Lake City, UT (Eegah @ 8pm)  •    AUG 3 – Kansas City, MO (Eegah @ 8pm)  •    AUG 4 – Minneapolis, MN (Eegah @ 7pm / Secret Surprise @ 10pm)  •    AUG 6 – Green Bay, WI (Eegah @ 7pm)•    AUG 8 – Cleveland, OH (Eegah @ 8pm)  •    AUG 9 – Baltimore, MD (Eegah @ 8pm)  •    AUG 10 – Richmond, VA (Secret Surprise @ 8pm)  •    AUG 11 – Nashville, TN (Eegah @ 7pm / Secret Surprise @ 10pm)  •    AUG 12 – Atlanta, GA (Eegah @ 7pm / Secret Surprise @ 10pm)

Unfortunately, as it is right now, there are no announcements on whether or not there will be a Season 12. But there probably will be.

Gavin Jasper will hopefully see some of you folks at the New York shows! Follow him on Twitter!

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