Mountain Monsters Season 4 Moves to Travel Channel

Mountain Monsters season 4 brings hillbilly hauntings and Appalachian folklore to Travel Channel.

Mountain Monsters Season 4

Mountain Monsters ended season 3 with a cliffhanger, and the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS) team is taking a leap. The cult-classic series is jumping to its new home on Travel Channel for season 4, which will premiere with a two-hour special on Aug. 21 at 9 pm.

“After leaving season three with such an intense cliffhanger, we knew we had to broadcast this season on a larger platform, bringing this incredibly popular show from Destination America to a new home at Travel Channel for our AIMS-obsessed fans,” Matthew Butler, general manager of Travel Channel and Destination America, said in a statement.

The Travel Channel series will pick up right where it left off, with the self-proclaimed “hillbilly hunters” entangled in the backwoods of the Dark Forest. Trapper, Buck, Huckleberry, Jeff, Willy, and Wild Bill, the original team of investigators are all returning to the show.  

“Viewers are really invested in the AIMS team and its investigations,” Butler said. “We are elated to finally share what truly happened in the Dark Forest, while catapulting the squad into a whole new set of intense hunts, thrilling twists, and hillbilly hilarity.”

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Later in the premiere episode, the clock will fast-forward 18 months to when the group reunites, visibly shaken, but still determined to finish their initial quest. “Picking up at the exact moment last season left off, the AIMS members are on a race to flee the Dark Forest before it tears the team apart,” reads the official synopsis of “The Dark Forest Revealed.”

“After a heart-wrenching health update from Team Leader Trapper, the team members set out to finally get the answers eluding them. How did that skull get up Jeff’s nose? What secrets does the Dark Forest really hold? They realize they must head back and find an old barn that holds the key to all of the answers they so desperately need. But is the team finally ready for the truth?”

Deep in the Appalachian Mountains, “creatures both legendary and terrifying lurk among the shadows, evading capture at every turn,” reads the Travel Channel press release. The team treks through the depths of Appalachia’s mountain forests, searching for “creatures of mythical origins, determined to track down proof these monsters still roam this region today.”

The additional nine, one-hour episodes of the season will air on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. The AIMS team will chase seven other monsters which are rooted in the region’s folklore. The monsters may be connected to the Cherokee legend Spearfinger, a creature with skin made of stone and a sharp finger which looks like an obsidian knife.

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“With trapping Spearfinger as its final goal, the team must first look for the Waya Woman, the Cherokee Devil, the Raven Mocker, the Silver Giant, the Cherokee Death Cat, and the Coyote King,” reads the press statement. “Each monster is more treacherous than the last, and the team members must rely on their trust in one another, expert knowledge of the terrain and the bond of their brotherhood to sustain the hunt. The grueling work, terrifying encounters and daunting setbacks that come with hunting monsters only inspires the team members to push forward knowing that if they stay together as a unit, they are sure to solve the mysteries of the mountains.”

Before the new episodes air, Travel Channel will encore the season 3 finale. The new season will run from Aug. 21 through Sept. 25. The final four hours air starting on Oct. 30.

“After a shocking revelation in the Dark Forest, the AIMS Team members are back doing what they do best, hunting monsters, as they begin an all-new epic adventure to get to the bottom of a brand-new mystery,” according to the official synopsis of the episode “The Waya Woman Of Jackson County,” which airs on Aug. 28. “The first stop is Jackson County, West Virginia, as the team heads after a monstrous wolf creature known as the Waya Woman. This 7-foot-tall being roams the cornfields of Jackson County and the team must build a trap strong enough to contain this beast and also be placed deep in the cornfields. Dead chickens, creepy altars, and Wild Bill’s high school nickname are all on full display in this incredible episode.”

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In “The Secret of the Blue House,” the AIMS team continues its search for the truth surrounding the legendary Waya Woman. “At the heart of this mystery sits an old, abandoned blue house with a terrifying history,” according to the synopsis. “Not only have two families been killed here under suspicious circumstances, but their deaths are believed to be tied to the Waya Woman herself. The team finds out that only way to get answers is to simultaneously try out two rituals, which bring about face-to-face encounters they could have never prepared for.” The episode airs on Sept. 4.

On Sept.11, “The Silver Giant of Boone County” goes after a massive bear creature which is reputed to be over ten feet tall when it stands on its hind legs. The behemoth has a silver streak running down its back. “Due to his love of anything bear-related, Wild Bill decides to step up his game and mimic Jeff as the team researcher,” according to the synopsis. “Obsessed with science and ‘scat samples,’ Wild Bill is in full researcher mode as the team creates its largest trap to date. But the team members soon learn the Silver Giant may not be the only mysterious creature in the hills of Boone County.”

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