Morris Chestnut Joins Billy Bob Thornton Amazon Drama Goliath

Morris Chestnut will transition from the cancellation of Rosewood to Amazon series Goliath, opposite Billy Bob Thornton.

In a way, Fox’s recent cancellation of forensic crime procedural Rosewood will prove to be Amazon’s gain, specifically for a serial offering from its streaming outlet in Goliath. The show will see now-former Rosewood star Morris Chestnut make the jump from his fancy black-light-lit morgue in Magic City Labs over to a courtroom to join Billy Bob Thornton.

According to Deadline, Morris Chestnut has procured a starring role opposite Thornton on the morose legal drama Goliath for its upcoming second season. The 8-episode debut season of the series depicts Thornton as disgraced lawyer Billy McBride, who, after a less-than-ethical run chasing ambulances, finds himself handling a wrongful death case that pits him as the David to the proverbial Goliath that is his former law firm.

Consequently, Chestnut boards Goliath Season 2 as an antagonist in Chief Deputy District Attorney Hakeem Rashad, who happened to be on the opposite side of Billy’s Season 1 criminal case. However, the tumultuous ties between the two men run even further back and Hakeem sees Billy’s current defense case of a teen accused of a double murder as a chance to take on his old rival and score a win for the prosecutor’s office.

Morris Chestnut has been a showbiz mainstay since his memorable feature film debut in the 1991 bellwether urban drama Boyz n the Hood, fielding an array of roles, notably with television runs on series such as Out All Night, C-16: FBI, the 2009 reboot of V, American Horror Story, Nurse Jackie and Legends before the 2015-2017 run on the cancelled Rosewood. Interestingly, Goliath Season 2 will also see somewhat of a behind-the-scenes shakeup, with a new executive producer in Clyde Phillips (Dexter, Feed the Beast), who reunites with Chestnut from their days on Nurse Jackie.

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Goliath is the creation of David E. Kelley and Jonathan Shapiro, whose collaborations have yielded some of the most notable legal dramas from the past two decades such as Ally McBeal, The Practice and its spinoff Boston Legal. Kelley, himself, is the visionary behind the current HBO crime drama Big Little Lies.

Goliath Season 2 seems to be on the verge of production. If precedence proves consistent, then we should probably expect it to show up on Amazon sometime this fall.