More Details on The Lost Boys TV Series Have Emerged

Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas gets into specifics on how he's developing that The Lost Boys show for The CW...

If you’re a huge fan of Joel Schumacher’s 1987 cult vampire classic The Lost Boys (and chances are that if you clicked on this, you very well might be) then you’re not alone. The horror-comedy is a favorite here at Den Of Geek, but we were a little reticent to get excited about a planned TV series adaptation for The CW network when we first heard one was being developed.

Firstly, the film’s actual sequels have arguably not been that great, and secondly, The Lost Boys fans have gotten used to having their hopes dashed over these last three decades. After all, rumours swirled for aeons about a possible sequel where Schumacher would return to direct a bunch of Lost Girls, and that project sadly never materialized. 

But when we heard that Rob Thomas, the man behind both the excellent Veronica Mars and iZombie, was in charge of the new series, we were pretty much immediately on board without hesitation. We continue to hold our breath (just in case), but it does seem as though show is pressing ahead, and Thomas has been speaking with Collider about how his version of The Lost Boys will be different, and how he plans to structure the narrative around season arcs.

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“I don’t know if it was the chicken or the egg first,” Thomas mused. “I felt like the vampires in a new television version were not simply the bad guys. In The Lost Boys movie, the vampires are bad. I didn’t think I would structure each season, so there’s a group of bad guys who are vampires, each year, that we’re trying to defeat. Part of it was wanting to have vampires who are not as goody-goody as Liv is in [iZombie]. I think that group of vampires can actually exist within the framework of the show I’m presenting The CW with. Those exact four guys can exist in the world that I’m creating. There are a number of these four-person and five-person groups of vampires who are roaming around together, so it’s possible you could run into that group, but I’m not playing that exact group. For one thing, they’re supposed to die in the ‘80s.”

Thomas is clearly fanatical about the original story, though, as he went on to explain.

“I’ve adapted things where I’ve been religious about the material. Clearly, with iZombie, we took a lot of liberties. The story that I’m trying to tell in Season 1 of The Lost Boys is a story about two brothers and how tempted they are to fall in with these vampires and how tempted they are to want to be 22 forever. I am leaning into the Peter Pan notion of, if you join these vampires, you never have to grow up. Your life can be fun and you can attack life each day you’re immortal, and how appealing is that? I read a bit about what the original writer’s intentions were, and how a lot of that Peter Pan imagery got pulled away from what they ended up doing. I’m pushing it back in there.”

We are officially excited.