Mighty Ducks TV Series In The Works

Quack quack quack quack The Might Ducks might goooooo to our television screens once more.

Could the Flying V come to the small screen?

Disney is reportedly developing a television series based on The Mighty Ducks. It’s nothing to quack about just yet since the project is in its early stages according to THR, but the franchise may skate again on the small screen.

The project comes from ABC Signature Studios, which focused on ABC’ cable and streaming productions. Steven Brill, the screenwriter for all Mighty Ducks three films, approached the studio to dust off the hockey property.

The original film, The Mighty Ducks, released in 1992 and was a box office success, spawning two sequels, a loosely-based animated series about human-duck hybrids in space, and was the inspiration for Disney naming its NHL franchise after the fictional team.

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There’s no script written, so we’ll have to see what form The Mighty Ducks will take on the small screen. Like the ragtag team’s playoff chances, it’s a longshot we’ll Emilio Estevez reprise his role as older versions of Gordon Bombay or Joshua Jackson as Charlie Conway.

Whatever shape the series takes, let’s hope they bring along the rock ‘n roll theme song from the animated series.