Michael Dorn Glad He Isn’t a Klingon on Star Trek: Discovery

Michael Dorn has seen the makeup process on Discovery's Klingons, and he is not here for it.

First off, let’s take a moment to admire the wonderful screenshot from Star Trek: The Next Generation above. It really is such a perfect Worf moment.

Thank you. Moving on!

The actor that went on to play Worf in several feature films that continued the Next Generation adventures (and Deep Space Nine!), Michael Dorn, has been speaking at the Rose City Comic Con (via Trek Movie) about what he thinks about the new Klingon design on Star Trek: Discovery, and he seems to see it all as a general passing of the torch from one creation to the next, with The Next Generation also going in a different direction with the race of warriors than The Original Series did.

“In a general sense, in every iteration of Star Trek – outside of Next Generation and Deep Space Nine and all those Klingons – the producers were trying to make it their own and put their own stamp on the Klingons,” Dorn said. “So, they decided ‘We are going to do something different than everybody else,’ and I think that is what they came up with for Discovery. There is no rhyme or reason to it, or to any of the stuff, so I think it is just a matter that they want to put a stamp.”

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He’s relieved he had an easier time of it, though, as far as makeup goes:

“I am actually really glad that I am not in that makeup, because if you go online and look up YouTube of Mary Chieffo [L’Rell in Discovery] – just a wonderful sweetheart – but what they do to that poor girl is mind-boggling. There are three makeup artists working the whole time on her…I mean, it’s okay. It’s just another iteration.”

If you’ve not seen Chieffo go through the motions of her transformation into L’Rell, check out the time-lapse video below…

Dorn seemed amazed that the actress manages to make the character of L’Rell so multi-layered, when “There is nothing of her, at all. Nothing. Just her eyeballs. That’s it.”

Aye, she’s a bit good, that Chieffo! Really a bit good.

Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi) was also at the Con, where she dropped a bombshell on the crowd – she’s never watched Discovery.

“I have never watched it…I am going to explain why I don’t watch Discovery, before [you] all hate me. We were on the best Star Trek show. If CBS thinks I am going to pay to watch Star Trek, they are demented. I will wait until I go to England and watch it on Netflix, which I pay for anyway.”

Fair play, Marina.

The actress later added that she’d been to visit the Discovery set when fellow former Next Generation cast member Jonathan Frakes was helming a season 2 episode, but that she couldn’t reveal anything because they have “to sign so many NDAs, we feel like one of Trump’s mistresses.”

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