Manifest: Official Podcast Provides Refresher and More

Manifest creator Jeff Rake has released an official podcast to help fans parse the mysteries that abound in season one and beyond.

Grace and Ben in Manifest

There are a lot of mysteries to unravel in NBC’s hit drama, Manifest. From those who wonder about the five-year time jump of Flight 828 the flight that experienced moments of turbulence while the world fast forwarded, to those who speculate about the nature of the so-called “callings” that suddenly allow those same passengers to know things they can’t possible know, the show inspires plenty of fan theories.

Fortunately, Manifest: The Official Podcast has launched! The NBC-endorsed venture will explore the puzzles that remain and tease conflicts to come. The audio offering will serve up four episodes a week through the end of the year with showrunner and creator Jeff Rake at the helm, giving those looking to refresh their memories with a rewatch of season one a richer TV binging experience. The weekly deep dive into the show’s biggest mysteries will examine the unexplained callings with Rake and his team of writers, offering fans behind-the-scenes episode intel and insight into all their unanswered questions.

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Manifest viewers might even get a few tidbits that get at the heart of issues they didn’t even know to examine, which was common when similar content appeared on the show’s YouTube channel. As for those looking forward to Manifest season 2, which will arrive on NBC on Monday, January 6, 2019 at 10/9c, the podcast will share exclusive clues and Easter eggs about what’s to come for the Flight 828 passengers and others affected by the time jump and the callings.

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As Manifest fans may recall, the finale left us wondering whether those who lost time are now under a deadline of sorts, given speculation springing from the amount of time the villainous Griffin lasted after his callings began. And that’s not even taking into account predictions about relationship outcomes, with Zeke and Jared at each other’s throats and Saanvi experiencing PTSD under the possible troll of the mysterious Major.

Find out what else is lurking in the corners of Manifest season one by subscribing to Manifest: The Official Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen, and prepare for season 2 like a pro. Or listen to the first installment below!

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