Lucifer Bonus Episodes Release Date Confirmed by Fox

While Lucifer remains cancelled for now, Fox plans to show unaired Season 3 episodes… and very soon.

Lucifer Season 4 News

Fox’s cancellation of Lucifer remains a bitter pill that fans aren’t quite swallowing just yet, with the #SaveLucifer movement standing strong. However, the fans will be delighted to learn that more episodes of Lucifer are set to air on Fox. Indeed, while the DC comics-adapting crime-solver aired its Season 3/Series finale on May 14, it appears that two more “bonus” episodes are set to air soon. Of course, there’s an appropriately hellish caveat to that bit of good news.

Lucifer will soon make a one-time-only return to primetime with a double feature of unaired episodes, “Boo Normal” and “Once Upon a Time,” on Monday, May 28 at 8/7c on Fox. So, about that hellish caveat, the duo of episodes – dubbed “bonus episodes” – were originally designed to air in the middle of Season 3, which means that you most definitely will not get a glimpse of the storyline beyond that game-changing finale cliffhanger.

Here’s the official synopsis of the back-to-back bonus episodes:

“As Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and the team investigate the murder of a child psychiatrist, Ella (Aimee Garcia) thinks about a big childhood secret that she’s been hiding. Then, after Lucifer’s mom creates an alternate dimension, Lucifer now lives in a world where he not only has never met Chloe (Lauren German), but is granted the freedom of choice.”

You might wonder why Fox would produce episodes of Lucifer only to not air them during the season. Well, the answer lies in the fragmented way that Lucifer Season 2 aired during the 2016-2017 TV year, during which the 18-episode sophomore outing was awkwardly stretched out from September to May with extended hiatuses. Therefore, Fox ordered four bonus episodes that were eventually grandfathered into Season 3, extending its initial 22-episodes to 26 episodes total. However, the schedule ultimately didn’t require that many, with the network only airing 24 episodes, which resulted in the now-bonus episodes, “Boo Normal” and “Once Upon a Time,” getting cut from the Season 3 run.  

While the bonus episode news should be well-received by upset Lucifer fans, it could be described as the equivalent of finding a two extra M&M’s in the corner of the bag after thinking you had finished it. Nevertheless, the #SaveLucifer movement continues the fight on its social media battleground, spearheaded by none other than the show’s star, Tom Ellis, who is expressing that the bonus episodes could serve as an opportunity for fans to show their support to bolster the show-saving efforts.

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The show-saving movement recently took a hit after The CW publicly passed on the idea of saving the show. Yet, there are plenty of prospective platforms – cable or streaming – on which Lucifer could still thrive. Indeed, one need only recall the long journey of (fellow DC/Vertigo-adapted show,) Constantine from its NBC cancellation in early 2015, to star Matt Ryan’s revival of the titular character on The CW’s Arrow later that year, which led to a recurring run on Legends of Tomorrow, one that’s about to be upgraded to regular status as a member of the time-travelling team on this fall’s Season 4. Likewise, we shouldn’t count Lucifer out.