Lost series four titbits

News has come in of a returning character for Lost season four. For this and more spoilers, this is your story...

The logo of Lost. As used a lot by Sky

San Diego is not only a place that has an apparent German translation of ‘a whale’s vagina’, but one that plays host to a little-known event known as Comic Con. And Lost co-creators Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse rolled through with some tidbits of information that are very, very intriguing. The following news is spoilery if you, like fellow Den member Carl, want to know nothing about the upcoming fourth season.

The big news is that a certain Harold Perrineau is returning to the fold as a series regular. If your memory doesn’t serve you well, he played Michael aka The Guy Who Yelled “Waaaaallttt!!!” A Lot, and supposedly left the island at the end of the second season with his son – you guessed it – Walt.

Perrineau – who joined the co-creators on stage – will return to the cast early on in the 16-episode season, although Cuse and Lindelof were playing mum on whether it would be through flashbacks or flashforwards in the spirit of the season three finale.

On the subject of flashforwards, it seems that Jack’s desperation to return to Mystery Island will have its very own arc.

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So says Lindelof: “The show has never really been about getting off the Island… there’s this whole chapter of the story that takes place off the Island.” Expect a mix of both past and future off-island storylines, as well as some more light shed on Ben (namely, his meeting with the real Henry Gale) and the long-awaited Danielle Rousseau backstory.

While us Losties may have to wait another season for the Rousseau flashbacks (outrage! etc etc), we can definitely count on some Libby aka Hurley’s Mysterious Love Interest Who Was Shot By Michael info very soon, with hints from Lindelof that she may have some links to Dharma. (That tease!) On a roll, Damon also confirmed that Jack and Claire are going to learn some family secrets of their own very soon.

However, as is the case with Lost, there was mysteries abound – recently, it was announced that Nestor Carbonell, who plays the seemingly immortal Richard Alpert, may not be returning to the show as CBS, who hired him for the upcoming Cane, is reluctant to let him play another character on another network. Hmmmm.

Also, the upcoming multi-format videogame was previewed, which, if you ask me, looks kind of meh-tastic, following in the steps of the utterly incomprehensible board game. (It can be found here at http://www.gametrailers.com/player/22795.html) While on the subjects of games, The Lost Experience will be making a return in between seasons five and six, if clicking things on random websites is your thing.

And let’s not forget the airing of a brand new hatch orientation video that may or may not be self-parody… I’m currently scurrying around YouTube for any camcorder versions, but have come up short. A transcript can be found here athttp://www.lostpedia.com/wiki/The_Orchid if you’re interested in the idea of that creepy ‘Namaste and good luck’ guy dropping an F-bomb.

And, with that, the Lost team venture back into radio silence until February’s currently untitled season premiere. The DVDs for season three are out in December. It’s going to be a long, cold winter. Unless you’re like me and you joined a Lost bookclub. Go geek!

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