Lost becomes watchable again

Arron's still not having any luck in getting Lost out of his life...

Lost - nearly, but not quite, out of the picture for Arron.

I’m almost ashamed of myself.

I’d made my mind up.

I wasn’t watching this episode of Lost. I was taking the advice of dezreavey 1 from the comments on my post last week and I was going to on to lead a blissfully Lost-free life.

I spent Sunday evening in the local pub, telling everyone the same thing. There would be no more of my yearning to know what happened next; there would be no more trying to understand the rules of time travel (To be fair, I don’t really understand them-but when they change show to show, and-in this show’s case-week to week, it’s kind of difficult to know which rules we’re going by this week…it’s pretty much like walking into a random bar and putting your money on the pool table-you know the basics-pot as many balls as you can, black last-but the intricacies vary from place to place); there would be no more banging my head against the walls wondering how much more than me these writers get paid.

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I got home on Sunday night ready to fall for something even more ridiculous than LostHulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling, which I’d decided might be worth a watch and recorded during a previous mid-week drinking session.

Following a mildly-entertaining – but ultimately unsatisfying – waste of an hour watching wrestling personalities from 10 years ago teaching C, D and Z list celebrities how to take a bump, I clicked the power button on the remote, and went to bed.

Or at least, that was the plan…my large drunken finger pressed “TV Guide”. I spotted the Sky+ menu and thought to myself, what a perfectly good opportunity has presented itself to remove the drivel that I’d just finished watching, when I noticed it there…Lost on Series Link…crap…now I HAD to watch it.

Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.

I’ve drunk-dialled a few times in my life to this point, I never thought in my life that I’d move onto drunk-watching-of-television-programme-I’d-promised-never-to-watch-again.

However, maybe it was the warm feeling from the Sunday evening Jaeger-bombs…but I liked Lost this week!

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I can skip over another blown reveal with Daniel’s mum for the semi-confusing “Is Jack’s old man, Jacob?” (thanks Dad…superb observation-I was just confused at the first viewing as to why there were two Lockes-however this soon became apparent to be a tipsy mistake on my part and not more time-travel-induced lunacy), but at least we finally got something revealed that seems to matter and I had absolutely no clue about.

I liked the way that Jin was tied back into the remaining refugees on the island, it made a lot of sense, and gave us another opportunity to see how time travel affects the island’s remaining survivors-I also thought that Daniel Dae-Kim really sold the effects of it all, he injected a little bit of emotion back into the story, and we got to see a little bit of something that I’d always wondered about from the island’s past-the “sickness” that Rousseau referred to early on, as well as Rousseau herself unravelling before our eyes.

I could be picky and question the whole story surrounding Charlotte’s sudden recollection of Daniel as the “scary man” when she was a kid (I don’t know about anyone else, but I remember the things that scared the life out of me as a kid…I can never look at Rupert the Bear or the Honey Monster in the same way again)…so the sudden recollection was a little bit wishy-washy, but I’ll roll with it-just so long as the change of pace which seems to have been promised does come through, and the Lost that I remember from Seasons 1 & 2 comes back from now…

I’ll be the first to admit that I am a little disappointed with how the last season or so has gone-in fact pretty much from the time they announced there would be six seasons instead of the originally-planned three, there’s been a lot of fillers and the change of pace put me off for a while. The numerous overblown cliff-hangers, Rousseau and Widmore being the most recent (and yes-we knew it had to be Widmore, the writers surely can’t continually introduce new characters whilst running down to the big finale, and had to have some way of tying him to the island eventually),were also an irritant.

But then again, we’re not as wide-eyed and fresh-faced regarding all things island-related anymore, and we’re going to kind of know what happens next…so I’m sticking with Lost, despite the ongoing argument in my head as to whether it’s a waste of life, and although I still fear the bookies’ favourite ending (Jack waking up on the plane in a cold sweat as it begins its original descent towards the island-the looks I got from regular gambling addicts in the local William Hill’s when I asked for odds on how Lost would end was absolutely priceless), I think I’ve learnt enough from my Heineken-induced hazy viewing in the early hours of Monday morning that I can try to just accept Lost as being entertaining, rather than bitching and moaning about the things yet to be explained.

Instead, I’m going to accept what I saw for what it is…the strongest outing that Lost has had this series-with the promise of better to come.

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(Although, in the future, if I could endeavor to not drink so heavily on a Sunday so as to have to watch the same episode twice to fill-in-the-blanks….then that’d be good too.)

Now to find something else to complain about for the week…

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