Looking ahead to Minder

Tonight sees Channel Five's new take on the classic TV show Minder. Should we be looking forward to it?


Everyone’s favourite cockney (!) Shane Richie stars in Channel Five’s re-imagining of Minder, which first airs on Wednesday 4th February (that’s tonight). Starring as Arthur’s nephew, Archie, this really does threaten to sully the good names of all those involved with the original. Looking to be inspired more by Shane’s director namesake Guy rather than good old British grit and humour, I’m scared to see it for myself midweek.

If anyone had told me a few months back that an actor of the questionable charm and talent of Mr Richie would be helming a remake of one of our finest ever TV shows, I’d have asked them what they’d been drinking. The man used to be a Pontins Bluecoat, for Christ’s sake.

The appearance of the ex-Eastender also got me thinking about which other shows TV executives might be dreaming up for a similarly ill-judged comeback. Ross Kemp and Steve McFadden in The Professionals (Mike Reid as Cowley)? Perry Fenwick as Reggie Perrin? Adam Woodyatt as Jason King? Scary stuff.

Black Wednesday traditionally refers to the day the UK crashed out of the ERM. Come 4th February, I’m convinced I will forever associate it with this travesty. Check back in the next day or two for our take on episode one…

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4 February 2009