Line Of Duty exclusive: “I think it’s probably going to finish at [series] six”

Exclusive: Adrian Dunbar looks ahead to the next two series of Line Of Duty, and thinks the end might be in sight...

Ted Hastings Line of Duty Adrian Dunbar
Photo: World Productions

While the nation still recovers from the superb fourth series of Line Of Duty, that resides on BBC iPlayer if you’ve not had the pleasure and on DVD from next week, the news has come in today that the BBC has commissioned a further run of the show. We already knew that series five was happening, although we’re unlikely to see it until 2019. Now, though, a sixth series has been commissioned as well.

Today, we also had the pleasure of chatting to top fella and diesel-sucker Adrian Dunbar, who has brought to the screen the real superhero of our times, SI Ted Hastings of police anti-corruption unit AC-12. And Dunbar was in good form, clearly thrilled at the news the show will be going on for two more series. But he also suggested that the end was in sight for Line Of Duty.

A small caveat: it’s the show’s creator, producer, writer and all-round genius Jed Mercurio who ultimately holds the cards here (it’s not like the BBC is likely to say no if he wants to make more). But still, “I think Jed always had it in his mind to do six series”, Dunbar told me.

“I don’t think any of us at this point are believing that we’ll go any further than that. I think it’s probably going to finish at six”.

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The full interview goes live on this site on Monday, but Dunbar did also give a hint as to what lies ahead in the next two series. “A sixth series is going to allow Jed to explore the personal relationships of the central characters. Which I think the audience is interested in now. I think he can probably do a bit more of that in-depth stuff in the next series, and then maybe wrap things up story-wise and storyline-wise in series six”.

Make of all of that what you will. Dunbar and Mercurio are likely to meet up in the next few weeks for a glass of red wine or two, and things can always change. But right now, it does seem as though Line Of Duty is heading towards an end point.

On you go, son.