Limetown Adds Stanley Tucci, Marlee Matlin to Cast

Stanley Tucci and Marlee Matlin will join Jessica Biel in the cast of Facebook Watch's Limetown.

Facebook Watch is rounding out the cast of its upcoming podcast adaptation, Limetown.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the social-network-turned-content-creator (aren’t they all?) is bringing in Stanley Tucci and Marlee Matlin to join the already announced Jessica Biel as part of Limetown‘s cast. Kelly Jenrette (The Handmaid’s Tale), Louis Ferreira (Travelers), and John Beasley (Everwood) will fill out the cast as well. 

Tucci is best known for…well, a lot of things. The versatile character actor has appeared in films such as Capain America: The First Avenger, The Devil Wears Prada, and The Hunger Games. In recent years he’s become a more consistent television presence, popping up in Feud and BoJack Horseman.

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Marlee Matlin is the Oscar-winning actress from the 1987 film Children of a Lesser God who has had a welcome TV renaissance of late by appearing in shows such as Swtiched at Birth, The Magicians, and Quantico. There is no word yet on who Tucci or Matlin will be playing in Limetown. Biel, who is also executive producing the project, will play the lead.

Many podcasts are being adapted into TV shows but Limetown was always a particularly great candidate. Limetown is something of a radio play in which a public radio journalist, Lia Haddock investigates the mysterious disappearance of 300 people at a neuroscience research facility in Tennessee. The podcast’s original creators, Zack Akers and Skip Bronkie, are writing and producing the series for Facebook Watch. There is no word yet on when Limetown‘s ten episodes will be released Production began on December 5 in Vancouver per The Hollywood Reporter.

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