Life Is Strange Is Being Adapted into a TV Series

The cult-hit adventure game franchise will soon become a live-action show.

life is strange game

Legendary Entertainment has announced that they have acquired the rights to Square Enix’s 2015 adventure game series Life Is Strange and intend to turn it into a live-action television show. 

Details are still emerging regarding the specifics of the agreement, but it is known that dj2 Entertainment (who are currently involved in a few video game-related projects including a Sonic The Hedgehog movie) will be lending a hand with the show’s production. Currently, this adaptation does not have an estimated release date, but it will be made available for digital streaming services upon release. 

IGN recently spoke with Michael Koch (the co-creator of Life is Strange) regarding this upcoming adaptation in an effort to understand how the show will fit in with the Life Is Strange games and how it will handle key elements of the original title such as its multiple branching storylines. 

Koch insists in the interview that the project is far too early in development to commit to anything specific with certainty, but did emphasize that the core of Life is Strange is a dark “teenage drama story,” and that he believes whatever direction the show does take will ultimately end up reflecting this core value. 

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I think there’s a space for going in that direction,” said Koch on the subject. “But it can also really work – depending on the angle, the characters and the part of the story – to go much softer and cheerier.”

Of note in the announcement’s official press release is a mention by Square Enix’s Jon Brooke that seems to suggest that the show will feature certain characters from the games. Brooke also notes that the plan at this time is to base the show in the game’s world of Arcadia Bay, but he refrains from specifying whether this show will be a direct adaptation of the original story. 

At present, it also does not appear that this series will affect the development of Life Is Strange: Season Two in any way. However, developer Koch and developer Dontnot emphasize again that they cannot commit to any stance on that matter with absolute certainty as of yet. 

If you’ve never played Life Is Strange, it focuses on the story of a photographer named Maxine Caulfield who discovers she has the ability to manipulate time. The game’s five season one episodes have received widespread acclaim for their stories, characters, and progressive themes. If you’ve never tried the games before and just can’t wait for the show to debut, then you may be interested to know that the first episode of Life Is Strange is currently available for free on all compatible platforms.