Lethal Weapon Season 3 Episode 13: Coyote Ugly Exclusive Clip

Roger begins to sweat in this sneak peek from tonight’s all-new episode of Lethal Weapon, “Coyote Ugly."

Lethal Weapon season 3 has been full of curveballs, which is a deviation from previous seasons of the show. The show typically has a go for broke attitude when it comes to the end of the season, but that feels especially prevalent this time around since there are still a number of major storylines and character arcs that need to be put to rest before the season finale.

Most of the heavier, serialized stories in Lethal Weapon have to do with Roger Murtaugh and Wesley Cole’s work in the LAPD, or the complicated personal life that Cole attempts to put back together. That being said, the show has slowly allowed for other characters to step into the spotlight, such as Roger’s wife, Trish. It’s always a pleasure when Trish takes center stage. As the series starts to wind down, it feels like she could have one of the most interesting conclusions as she shakes up her life.

The most recent episodes of this season see Trish make a surprise announcement to run for public office and head towards a new calling in life. Tonight’s episode, “Coyote Ugly,” sees Trish’s new career pivot intensify in an interesting way. You need a thick skin and the ability for damage control in any sort of race like this and the Murtaughs are about to find that out the hard way here. In this exclusive clip from the episode, it looks like Roger is more than a little concerned about Trish’s campaign manager beginning to look for any skeletons in their closet. This is surely going to be one of the more comedic beats of “Coyote Ugly,” but it looks like Roger definitely has something to hide that could hurt Trish’s chances!

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We’ll get to learn just what Roger is so concerned over and if he actually should be worrying once Lethal Weapon’s “Coyote Ugly” airs tonight at 8pm ET on Fox.

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