Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Story Details Revealed

Legends of Tomorrow season 5 will be about the impact of fame, and the first episode goes the Spinal Tap route.

Legends of Tomorrow: Astra Logue

Legends of Tomorrow, the best comic book show on television by an entire geologic epoch, is hard at work getting the next season ready, and it sounds like it’s going to blast out of the gates with its first episode.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the team behind the show revealed not only the point of next season, but the style of the first episode: a mockumentary.

“We’re interested in how fame affects people,” executive producer Phil Klemmer told EW. “I really like the idea of tempting the Legends, that they’re still susceptible. Even though they sort of get over themselves after [the first episode] I think you could always be tempted by the promise of getting to be a singular franchise-driving superhero.”

Season four of the show welcomed John Constantine as a regular teammate and dove deep into his mythology – the season started with the crew chasing magical creatures around, removing them from the timestream WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE usually, before morphing into an allegory for racism that also had the team dressed up like the Arrowverse big 3, saving the day by making a fully grown dragon do a viral video dance in a circus while injecting a fresh new popcorn-eating reaction gif straight into my veins. It ended with everyone being saved, but Zari’s hero past was erased from the timestream so she could lead the crowd in a singalong to bring Steel back to life. Also Astra, the young girl Constantine had allowed to be sucked into hell several years ago, escaped the netherrealm with the souls of many of history’s most famous killers – Stalin, Ted Bundy, etc.

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Tala Ashe’s Zari will, thankfully, be back in Season 5. The team will now be joined by her brother, Behrad Tarazi (played by Shayan Sobhian), and they’ll be playing around with the sibling dynamic. “That’s the one energy we’ve never had,” said Klemmer. “That seems like it’s going to be fun.”

And unlike last year, Legends is all in on the big crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths. They almost have to be, both because of the insane scale of the crossover and because it’s likely going to be Stephen Amell’s last hurrah as Oliver Queen: Arrow wraps up with its crossover episode, and Sara Lance was too much an integral part of his story not to get a moment in his sendoff.

“I’m there making sure that, no matter what happens in the massive craziness in the crossover, we have the characters that are participating…land in a very particular place,” said Legends of Tomorrow executive producer Keto Shimizu, who EW reveals is acting as the show’s point on the crossover planning.

Whatever they do end up doing, we will absolutely be here for it. For more on Legends of Tomorrow including recaps and news and the SDCC 2019 sizzle reel, stick with Den of Geek!

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