Krypton Season 2: New Look at Lobo

Krypton Season 2 is bringing a Constantine vet back to play Lobo.

DC Comics Lobo

Krypton Season 2 is introducing Lobo. He’ll be played by Emmett J. Scanlan (who portrayed Jim Corrigan on Constantine) will play the ruthless bounty hunter.

Lobo was created by Keith Giffen and Roger Slifer in the pages of Omega Men back in 1983. The character made the move from generic to a parody of ’90s comics, thanks to the work of Giffen, Alan Grant, and Simon Bisley in Lobo: The Last Czarnian.

Lobo is the last of his race, the Czarnians, who murdered all of his fellow Czarnians mostly for the hell of it. He has at various times been contracted to kill Santa Claus, all of his children, criminals (as a resurrected cyborg, Lobocop), and to find a murderer hiding in a planet-sized brothel by pleasing all of the women there until he can complete his mission. His presence on Krypton should be a subdued affair.

A day after the casting of Lobo was announced, the first official image of Emmett J. Scanlan as the Main Man himself has arrived!

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But recently, Scanlan tweeted a more recent, perhaps more inspiring look at the character…

In the comics, Lobo only works when you play him as absurd, extremely violent slapstick, which is why last year’s Lobo/Road Runner special was an extremely effective comic. It was overshadowed by Batman/Elmer Fudd,but Lobo and Wile E. Coyote’s team-up was good enough to justify the entire crossover.

But as we’ve seen on Krypton so far, characters can be faithful to their comic book roots and still fit in with the relatively grounded aesthetic of the show.

“There’s no point bringing Lobo in and then making him completely different to what we’ve seen in the comics,” Krypton showrunner Cameron Welsh told us at SDCC. “With that said, the Lobo in comics is such a broad character and we have a very grounded kind of a show, so we don’t want it to be too jarring. I mean, he’s not meant to fit into the world of Krypton, in a way, so we play a little bit with that.”

But despite the show’s commitment to remaining true to the spirit of the characters, some of it will have to be toned down a little. “I think all of the elements that have made Lobo a popular character over such a long time will be in there,” Welsh promises, “but he might not be riding around on a space dolphins, you know?”

Meanwhile, Emmett Scanlan told us lots more about his take on Lobo right here.

Lobo has tangled with Superman plenty of times both in the comics and on screen, notably in an episode of Superman: The Animated Series. There was even an unfilmed Superman movie script by Keith Giffen which would have focused on a throwdown between the Man of Steel and the Main Man. It should be fun to watch him interact with Seg-El and friends, or if Adam Strange has already encountered him elsewhere in the timeline.

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Also joining the cast of Krypton are Nightwing and Flamebird. They are two constantly resurrecting Kryptonian gods who have inspired a number of super-teams in Krypton’s history, and the story about them that Superman tells a young Dick Grayson inspires his eventual name change in one of my favorite pieces of continuity from the DC Universe. 

Krypton Season 2 will arrive in 2019.