Killjoys Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Necropolis Now

An assassination plot highlights this week’s episode of Killjoys.

This Killjoys review contains spoilers.

Killjoys Season 3 Episode 6

“It’s good to be queen.”

Never let it be said that Killjoys stands on its laurels. “Necropolis Now” ushers in a new wave of multiple arcs crucial in the fight against the Hullen while still managing to advance already established plot points, including the role the nine families play in this end-of-The Quad conflict. Just when it seems the writers have all of their bases covered and need only head toward the finish line, some fresh, compelling ideas get thrown our way, fitting perfectly into the narrative puzzle. It’s good to be a Killjoys fan.

Obviously, Dutch must face the harsh reality that she killed Banyon Grey and sent countless others to their deaths, and the emotional damage it inflicts on her presents itself in the opening scene. Though she typically comes across as supremely confident, every leader inevitably contends with periods of self-doubt, and she understandably questions whether the fight against the Hullen is worth the cost. 

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And though it’s usually D’avin who dispenses the majority of the witty banter on Killjoys, his attempt to minister to Dutch with tough love rings true even though it nearly backfires when she decides that meaningless sex may be the best way to assuage her pain. Fortunately, D’av stops her in her tracks, an act that tells us a lot about the man. Yes, they’ve had sex before, but he instinctively knows that this is not the proper time. Will Dutch’s guilt eventually get the better of her? That’s certainly a concern, and while it’s still early in the fight against the Hullen, that D’avin must speak in her place at the ceremony speaks volumes to the pain she’s enduring. 

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However, “Necropolis Now” also reveals some unexpected truths about the Commander and the reality aboard her ship which hold the potential for allegiance shifts as the tale continues to unfold. To this point Aneela’s demeanor has been all over the place, and when we witness that she and Delle Sayeh have taken the kiss to another level, it’s certainly appears that Land Kendry is making progress in its power play. But what does Kendry desire? And is Aneela simply playing the player?

Nevertheless, while Delle Sayeh has seemingly put into motion her plan to advance her own interests, so too does Gander make a play. And it’s a big one. Still working on the Red-17 experiment, it’s at first unclear whether or not Aneela is making any progress or whether it’s simply an activity that occupies her attention while Gander schemes behind her back. And therein lies the evening’s biggest reveal. Not only has Gander manipulated Aneela so that she once again feels abandoned, but he explains to Delle Sayeh that this ship is, in fact, the Commander’s prison, not her flagship. 

What we do know is that Gander admits to learning from Aneela and seems pleased with the scientific breakthroughs she’s enjoyed recently. The takeaway here involves the realization that Gander is only the middle man, and we don’t know yet who is really calling the shots. What he hopes to accomplish though remains unclear, but again, unless he and the others are pretending to be affected by Aneela’s telekinetic power, his cavalier attitude makes no sense since she can easily kill him and his followers. Is he working for the greater Hullen good at their leader’s behest? It seems so. That said, how will Aneela react to the knowledge that she’s been a pawn in someone else’s chess match?

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One of the fascinating aspects of the Red-17 Level Six experiments has been the near mystical properties that surface from time to time. Embarking on a mini vision quest, Aneela submerges herself in the plasma pool and appears as a blonde on a beach. But it’s her encounter with Khlyen that gives us an inkling of what she may be up to when she tells him that she’s found a way to save everyone. As we wander around her memories, there’s something that’s a bit off about her father, and if this is not Khlyen, then who is it? And who exactly does she plan to help? This turn of events sure appears to be leading to an alliance shift, but if and when Dutch learns of the internal conflicts on Aneela’s ship, the killjoys’ best course of action may be to sit back, watch, and wait. And once Aneela learns the truth of her predicament, will that change how she proceeds moving forward?

As if Gander’s announcement about Aneela isn’t enough, the ceremony honoring the fallen RAC captains ends up disclosing two truths that seem to be working at opposing purposes. Turin tries to convince The Nine to save The Quad by funding the war against the Hullen, and while his pitch seems perfectly reasonable, they don’t see this as their fight. We eventually learn why. The Nine plan to run away to some remote part of The J to start over which tells us everything we need to know about these privileged individuals out only for themselves. Standing in direct contrast, Dutch tells them “If the Hullen don’t find you, I will.” We know she means it.

One of the reasons that The Nine have endured for so long is that they know when it benefits them to work in concert with each other, and this appears to be one of those times. But when members begin dropping dead at this function, the first reaction is that one of the families is making a play and wants the others out of the way. One of the families does stand behind this plot, but it’s not what we initially think. Pawter’s sister Louella (Kimberly-Sue Murray) begins executing The Nine because she holds them responsible for her parents’ deaths, and blames Johnny for Pawter’s. Nevertheless, in the end, if we don’t have all hands on deck against the Hullen, then the extinction of the human race will begin. Can Johnny’s connection to the family provide the impetus for Land Simms to compel the others to join the fight?

Even so, the knowledge that the ancestors of The Nine made deals with the Hullen complicates things, and for whatever reason, the surviving heads of the families feel it’s a better option to run and start over than remain and fight. So now we wonder whether or not they can be convinced to put their resources into the struggle against the Hullen or perhaps head to the outer reaches of The J and maybe even run into the Hackmods who also planned to head in that direction.

It’s been fascinating to watch how skillfully the writers have handled Zeph since she joined the team, and tonight is no exception. While she manages to talk Dutch through performing an autopsy, it’s the excitement she exhibits running up to Dutch in The Royale that reminds us why we’re really beginning to lock onto her character. Last week it seemed unclear whether she planned to keep information about The Remnant from Dutch and the others, but tonight she lays it out for them even though it takes awhile for them to listen. 

Examining the contents of The Remnant, the team’s new nerd has found micro-slices of the neocortex, the portion of the brain that stores memories, but the kicker is that they contain evidence of DNA that’s a close match for Dutch. We later learn that some of Aneela’s memories are missing, and while it’s undeniably intriguing to discover which memories Khlyen has chosen to hide from her, there’s another elephant in the room that must be addressed. Not that we didn’t already suspect it, but Dutch apparently shares DNA with Aneela, and Khlyen’s contention that he didn’t know why they look alike appears to be untrue.

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Killjoys always seems to leave us with a bombshell WTH moment at the end of the evening, and “Necropolis Now” does not disappoint. Delle Sayeh Kendry appears to be in an advanced stage of a pregnancy, and at this point we have a number of suspects. Is Aneela responsible, perhaps something to do with experiments she’s conducting? Gander’s involvement can’t be discounted since he sends her for a “treatment,” though it’s not clear how her pregnancy could benefit him. Regardless, Aneela’s attendant Brynn (Kalinka Petrie) really steps up, pulling the Commander out of the tub and could be someone to keep an eye on as she makes the decision to leave Team Gander.

Killjoys has passed the halfway point in its third season and shows no signs of pulling the foot off the gas. The Hackmods and Ferran have already pledged to fight the Hullen when the time comes, and by all accounts, the time has come. Always acting with its own interests at heart, The Company remains in flux as The Nine ostensibly plan to leave their empire behind and head for the perceived safety of the outer edges of The J to avoid conflict with the Hullen. All of which leaves Dutch, Johnny, D’avin, and Turin to marshall their forces and get this party started.