Karen Gillan confirms she’s appearing in Doctor Who series 7

Karen Gillan will be joining Matt Smith in Doctor Who series 7, the actress confirms...

There’s been no shortage of speculation as to what shape the next series of Doctor Who will take. We already know that it’ll be filmed next year, and that Matt Smith is returning. What’s unlikely is that we’ll get all of those episodes screened in 2012, and that instead, there’s a big build up to the show’s fiftieth birthday in 2013 planned.

There was particular speculation over the involvement of Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill, given that each had commitments elsewhere. This led many to put two and two together. Turns out, they might have made five.

Karen Gillan, then, chatting to Zap2It, has confirmed, “I am going to come back, yes,” with relation to the next series of the show. That, obviously, still leaves some gaps. Will she be back for the full season run? Or will she be doing a Billie Piper, and returning for just a few episodes? 

Given that the modern day lifespan of the Doctor Who assistant has been two full season runs, Gillan is either about to break that ceiling, or there’s something up everyone’s sleeve that we don’t yet know about. It’s quite feasible that both of those things may be true.

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