Justin Lee Collins to reunite The Goonies?

The next Bring Back… special for Channel Four has The Goonies firmly in its sights…

The Goonies 2

In the past, Justin Lee Collins has put together TV shows where he’s reunited many of the cast of the likes of Star Wars, Fame and The A-Team in a series of special one-offs for Channel Four. And while we’ve found the end result has been a little up and down, you can’t knock the bloke’s enthusiasm for the task in hand. It’s often, too, genuinely fascinating to catch up with the faces from said films and shows, especially when they occasionally touch on some of the stories from behind the scenes at the time.

However, our geek radar was alerted when it was revealed who the next target of one of Collins’ programmes was going to be. And, it seems, he’s off to reunite The Goonies.

This is a fine mission to undertake, and one we wish him all the best on. We, ourselves, have struggled to get a proper interview with one of the gang, even though it’s one of our absolute favourite movies of all time.

Justin Lee Collins is also planning the one-off afterwards, too, where he plans to bring back the cast of Star Trek.

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Expect both of these shows to air before the year is out.