Josh Gad & Daisy Ridley Superhero Movie Lands at Netflix

Josh Gad has a superhero comedy film with Daisy Ridley and Luke Evans coming to Netflix. Super-Normal, indeed.

Superheroes are all the rage in Hollywood right now, but no costumed project in development is quite as curious as what Netflix just landed: a superhero comedy starring and masterminded by Josh Gad… and his amazing friends Daisy Ridley and Luke Evans!

The series, called Super-Normal, was packaged by Gad who in addition to starring in it is also producing and helped develop the concept with writers Aaron and Jordan Kandell (Moana). It is apparently a subversive and comedic take on the genre that for star wattage alone—as well as skewering a type of movie that has to be nearing a saturation point, right?—has generated interest throughout Hollywood. Indeed, Disney was quite interested and participated in a small bidding war on the material (as per The Hollywood Reporter). Gad is also producing the project with Dan Lin, who in addition to producing The Lego Movie and The Lego Batman Movie, brought Death Note to Netflix earlier this year.

Described as a “character-driven” and “subversive” take on superheroes, the comedy was appealing enough for Gad to bring along some of his franchise-leading friends. Ridley, of course, is best known for playing Rey in the Star Wars revival films currently dominating multiplexes. However, she and Gad hit it off on the set of the highly underrated and intentionally old-fashioned murder mystery, Murder on the Orient Express. Gad and Evans, meanwhile, became chummy when they stole the entire show of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast remake earlier this year.

Of course superhero comedies are nothing entirely new. Matthew Vaughn gave them a memorable, yet strangely respectful, ribbing in the foul-mouthed Kick-Ass in 2010. One year later, James Gunn took things in a much darker direction with his pitch black Super. Neither set the box office on fire (although Kick-Ass did well enough to prompt a less amusing sequel), but at least the former impressed critics, and both found their cult followings… including from superhero movie producers, since Vaughn went on to make X-Men: First Class, and Gunn was tapped for Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Stigll, things have changed. In a world where the Justice League has assembled onscreen, and Thor literally fought the Hulk for the pleasure of a groovy Jeff Goldblum, things have gotten dense in the genre. Audiences might be therefore more receptive in 2018 or so for a deconstruction, not unlike Ryan Reynolds’ own filthy but lovable Deadpool. And Gad, whose credits include playing Olaf in Frozen, a Tony nomination for The Book of Mormon, and even a resume-builder like being a columnist for USA Today, might just be able to bring a more universal and streaming friendly slap shot to the folks in capes.