JJ Abrams Says He’s Through with Remakes and Reboots

As a director, he's rebooted Star Trek and Star Wars on the big screen - but JJ Abrams is ready to move on.

Since directing Super 8 back in 2010, JJ Abrams has been mainly busying himself in the world of reboots, remakes and franchises. He came to Super 8 — itself a homage to Steven Spielberg films — off the back of his successful big screen reboot of the Star Trek series. He followed it with Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, while his highest-profile TV project of late was another remake, Westworld, which he produced.

But in an interview he gave at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday (January 8), Abrams admitted that he’s through with franchises for the time being:

“You know, I feel incredibly lucky to have gotten involved in things that I loved when I was a kid. In fact, even Westworld, which we’re here for tonight, is one of them. But I don’t feel any desire to do that again. I feel like I’ve done enough of that that I’m more excited about working on things that are original ideas that perhaps one day someone else will have to reboot.”

He added about remakes in general (either conveniently forgetting about or chiding himself for turning Star Trek Into Darkness into a remake of The Wrath Of Khan): “I do think that if you’re telling a story that is not moving anything forward, not introducing anything that’s relevant, that’s not creating a new mythology or an extension of it, then a complete remake of something feels like a mistake.”

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Of course, he’s not out of the reboot/remake game yet: he’s still a producer on the upcoming Mission: Impossible 6 and Star Trek 4, as well as the second season of Westworld. But it seems that when he gets behind the camera again himself at some point, Abrams intends to be staring at something wholly original for a change. It will be interesting to see what that is…

Source: People