iZombie Season 3: 13 Things We Learned On Set

iZombie is back tonight and as good as ever! Here are 13 things we learned about the zombie drama's third season while visiting the set.

iZombieSeason 3 premieres tonight and, having seen the first three episodes of the upcoming season, we can tell you that this zombie drama is as good as ever! We had a chance to visit the iZombieset back in November to talk to this charming cast about what to expect in Season 3.

As zombie-human tensions grow, where do we find these characters as the season progresses? Here are 13 things we learned…

The zombie virus is unstoppable.

The spread of the zombie virus within the world of iZombiehas been a relative slow burn, but things seem to be ramping up in Season 3. Rahul Kohli (Ravi) told us about the zombie virus and his character’s continuing efforts to stop it in Season 3:

When you first join this world, it was literally restricted to boat party survivors, if there were any and then who Blaine was scratching … where as now it’s really hard to contain and it’s really just popping up everywhere. It’s a virus and it’s infecting. He is this close and he always has been this close to fixing it. But, right now, the side effects are amnesia and it’s tying his hands. He’s not able to fully stop this.

Liv must make a decision about Fillmore Graves.

Liv was presented with a major decisions in the iZombie Season 2 premiere: with Fillmore Graves or against Fillmore Graves. In the Season 3 premiere and moving forward, she will attempt to parse what exactly both options mean. As Rose McIver put it:

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That’s the big new realm that we enter. We spend a lot of time in [the Fillmore Graves] offices and their environment and with those characters, so they play a very significant role this year. Liv is still kind of trying to work out throughout the course of it quite where she stands with them, whether she’s on their side or not, whether she agrees with how they plan on handling this potential zombie outbreak or not.

Ravi is looking for a cure for the cure.

Technically, Ravi does have a working cure for the virus, of course. It just happens to have the unfortunate side effect of retrograde amnesia (or so Blaine claims). Kohli teased that Ravi will be working on a cure for the amnesiac side effect in Season 3. Of course, “just like with the cure, the various iterations of it cause different side effects.” 

Ravi’s search for this latest cure will lead him to some Blaine interaction, as Blaine “becomes a subject for him to study in order to get this right so he can hopefully save Major.”

If you’re thinking Ravi might solve the amnesia side effect sooner rather than later, then you would be wrong. Kohli called the search for the cure “a longer game than I thought” and noted that, by Episode 10 of the season, “we’re finally seeing some effects of his trial and error on that particular serum.” Buckle up, kids.

Ravi is less likeable this season.

In addition to his ever-constant search for the cure, Ravi will have a fair amount of personal drama this season as he continues to be disgruntled about the Peyton/Blaine relationship and his role (or lack thereof) in Peyton’s rescue in the Season 2 finale. This season, we will see a new side of Ravi. Executive producer Rob Thomas even emailed Rohli to say “This is a different Ravi.” As Rohli puts it: “He’s always been a ball of light and this drama sucks the life out of him a little bit.”

Speaking about some of the decisions Ravi makes in relation to Peyton, Kohli said:

The way Ravi dealt with [the Peyton/Ravi/Blaine love triangle], and ultimately its conclusion, I always was like, if he was my buddy, I definitely would have pulled him aside and been like, ‘Dude, this is not the way to go. This is a terrible, terrible idea.’ Um, it’s been interesting. It’s an interesting one. It’s definitely going to surprise people. I don’t think anybody has any idea how it’s going to play out.


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Ravi’s old boss is on the zombie trail.

In the Season 3 premiere, we will see the appearance of Ravi’s former boss, Dr. Cups. Here’s what Kohli had to tell us of her role in the story:

Cups is his old boss and she’s tenacious and is really close to kind of, she’s basically here to figure out on the part of the CDC what’s going. Like, she’s going back to old stuff. She’s going back to boat party days. There’s enough breadcrumbs for someone who knows what they’re doing to kind of blow open what Ravi and Liv have been protecting for so long.

Major becomes a mercenary.

In the Season 3 premiere, we see Major stigmatized with the “Chaos Killer” moniker. This makes everything from looking for a new job to maintaining a love life pretty difficult. And it’s a stigma that “doesn’t quite go away,” according to Robert Buckley (Major).

Enter Fillmore Graves, who knows the truth about Major’s Chaos Killer ways and has no problem with zombie employees. By the end of the premiere, we see Major join their merecenary group. How does Major feel about the choice? Robert Buckley (Major) told us:

He’s all in … It wouldn’t be Major if we didn’t muddy the waters a little, but I think it’s safe to say that he definitely finds a place he gets comfortable in there.

Major will have to make a decision about the zombie cure soon.

Another big decision Major has to make? Whether he wants to take Ravi’s current zombie cure or not. Buckley teased:

It is something that is very much a ticking clock. It’s not something that’s a long-term, could-potentially-happen. I think it’s something that’s become very real and that he is going to have to make some serious decisions about in the near future. It’s a matter of is he gonna lose all of his memories potentially or is he going to roll the dice on maybe dying. He doesn’t really have a great option.

Might this big decision lead to Major confronting Blaine about his own experiences about with the zombie cure?

I think it’s safe to say that that would be a good person for him to question. Major’s a bright bulb, so maybe that’s something he does.

Enter Jason Dohring.

We know that Veronica Mars alum Jason Dohring will be recurring in iZombieSeason 3 as Chase Graves, a member of the Fillmore Graves hierarchy first appearing in Episode 8. What does that mean for Liv? Rose McIver teased:

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Every time [showrunners] Rob Thomas and Diane [Ruggiero-Wright] bring back characters they’ve worked with before we know it’s because they really love the experience of working with those actors and, so it’s always a gift when they arrive on set. He’s got some great ideas for his character. I can say it’s not something you’ve seen him do before, and you’ll be very interested, and Liv is still trying to wrap her head around quite where he fits in into the bigger picture.

Given Major’s role at Fillmore Graves, it seems safe to assume that Major will also be interacting with Dohring’s Graves. Buckley would only confirm that he would be interacting with Graves. Potentially relevant, however, Buckley said of his mercenary plot: “We’ll meet a couple people on the way who do become important players in the story and the world.”

The Major/Ravi bromance is back in full force.

For fans of the Major/Ravi dynamic (and, let’s face it, who isn’t?), you have plenty more to look forward to when it comes to the best buds. Speaking about the relationship, Buckley said: “We have a lot of the sort of Ravi/Major bromance stuff and hijinks and a bit of adventure stuff going on this season.” Phew.

The state of the Liv/Major romance.

We haven’t seen Liv and Major together recently, but that doesn’t mean these two don’t still love one another or that the romance is never far from iZombie‘s plans. Speaking about what to expect from the Major/Liv romance this season, Buckley said: “I think fans of Liv and Major being together, fans of watching Liv and Major struggle, they’re all gonna be happy. They have a deep love for each other … Definitely we see them trying to navigate those waters and find happiness, in whatever form that might be.”

Buckley also teased, however, that Major would have some other love interests this season, saying: “Maybe they’re at Fillmore Graves. Maybe they’re elsewhere. But he won’t be rolling solo this season.”

On if Blaine is faking it.

The big question: Is Blaine faking his amnesia? It sounds like we won’t get an answer any time soon, though McIver did speak about how the dynamic continues to be a narratively-rich one moving forward:

It’s been an opportunity for him to reinvent himself. Best thing that could have ever happened to a villain, isn’t it? Like lose that history, lose the memory of anything you’ve ever done wrong and it’s very hard for anybody to hold something against him. And we also have information about his backstory and the more we come to understand his father and where he’s from, kudos to the writers for being able to build a three-dimensional villain who we can understand a lot better. And with the device of losing his memory, we’re able to forgive and open up a whole different kind of realm for Blaine to play in and he does it incredibly well.

How does Liv the character feel about Blaine’s intentions towards her best friend Peyton?

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I don’t trust him. I’m still very sketchy about him in general. That’s Liv and Rose speaking. It’s a journey, but he’s proving himself so far to be well intentioned and definitely loves Peyton and seems to be trying to make up for things, so, what can you do? Just let it unfold as it will.

Peyton’s feelings for Blaine.

However Liv might feel about Blaine, Peyton’s feelings are much more confused and, yes, positive. Aly Michalka (Peyton) gave us some insight into her character’s feelings towards the former (current?) antagonist:

Peyton looks at that as maybe this is a good thing; maybe he is a great guy deep down. At the beginning of this new season, he’s still comforting Peyton throughout this trauma that we left off on last season. Now that zombies are possibly going to be found out from society, that puts everyone on a high stakes sort of scenario. Her and Ravi’s relationship is definitely still there; you can see there’s a great connection there and a great friendship. But at the end of the day, she’s still struggling with these feelings she has for Blaine. We’ll see where it leads them.

New brains to look forward to.

What would a season of iZombie be without some hilarious brains for Liv and Major to be affected by? There are a few the actors chose to tease for the upcoming season, though the one that came up the often was one that involved both Major and Liv. McIver teased:

One of the earliest ones we see, which I love so much, is Liv and Major on father-daughter brains. Liv is the father and Major’s the teenage daughter. It’s the part Robert Buckley was born to play—a 16-year-old school girl who sings along to pop songs on the radio in a beautiful falsetto.

Buckley said of the experience:

The only thing that was weird about [playing that brain] is how little of a stretch it was. I’d love to tell you that I Daniel Dae Lewis-ed it and I watched Mean Girls. I did nothing. I learned my lines and I just let me inner mean girl fly. And I tell you what: she soared.

McIver also revealed that Liv will eat a dominatrix brain, adding:

Poor Clive and Ravi definitely bear the brunt of that. And especially, now that Babineaux knows about Liv’s reasons for the way she behaves, he’s having to put up with things in a different way, so that’s a very funny episode.

Later in the season, Liv gets hooked on a Dungeons and Dragons brain, which leads to the whole cast playing a game together…

Liv’s on a Dungeons and Dragons brain, like a dungeon master, which has been like learning a foreign language for me. I didn’t know that world growing up, but the good thing about that is because it’s somebody who narrates and who is able to command groups and has a sense of adventure and this imperious kind of voice throughout it, that flows into her own life and her ability to kind of manipulate situations and make decisions for groups and encourage people to adventure.

The honor of McIver’s favorite brain so far, however, went to a “hot mess brain.” McIver described it as “very Amy Schumer/Trainwreck/can’t remember where she’s left anything, hasn’t got anything together.”

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