Is WWE Getting Kofi Kingston Ready for a Push?

It looks like Kofi Kingston's summer plans in the WWE include a major heel push. We take a closer look...

Kofi Kingston’s summer is going to go one of two ways. He’s either going to become one of the top-three heels in WWE, or he’s going to be jobbed out and depleted back where he was before New Day formed, at the bottom of the card. It seems like there is an opportunity here for WWE to really elevate Kofi. He’s in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match this Sunday and will face Brock Lesnar in a huge match July 4 in Japan, which will air live on WWE Network.

Kingston as a heel has been doing some great work with New Day, and Big E and Xavier Woods as a tag team could be the perfect compliment to Kofi as a singles heel, helping their partner win matches unfairly.

Here’s one scenario that I think could help both Brock Lesnar and Kofi Kingston this summer:

First, Kofi shocks the world and wins Money in the Bank on Sunday. That should elevate him as a major player in the singles division. Next, he faces Lesnar on July 4 in Japan and loses, cleanly, 1-2-3. But it doesn’t end there. New Day comes out and attacks Lesnar 3-on-1, leaving him laying in the middle of the ring.

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That opens the door for Lesnar to challenge Kofi to a rematch, only this time, he wants the briefcase on the line. Kofi of course could decline for weeks, only before offering Lesnar a 3-on-1 match, with New Day vs. Lesnar. Lesnar could then go on to defy the odds, win a 3-on-1 match and then take the briefcase to challenge Rollins for the World Title at SummerSlam.

That would at least explain why Lesnar, who has been suspended for months, would somehow earn a title shot so soon after returning.

There is a perfect story to tell there with Lesnar as well. As a babyface, he could turn in the contract well before SummerSlam and announce his intentions, and it could be played up that he’s going the opposite of what Rollins did at WrestleMania.

For Kofi, winning Money in the Bank and then just being in the ring with Lesnar, in a competitive match, is a good lift to his credibility as a singles wrestler. You could then easily transition Kofi into an Intercontinental Title picture, or perhaps even give him the win over John Cena for the U.S. Title in an open challenge, where Cena falls victim to New Day’s numbers.

The U.S. Title doesn’t need to go on Kevin Owens for him to continue up WWE’s ladder. He’s on his way up there no matter what. But it could help someone like Kofi re-establish himself in the WWE Universe.

Now, none of this is guaranteed. Kofi’s summer could go a lot worse. He could lose Money in the Bank, get squashed by Lesnar in Japan and then never be heard from again at the top of the card. I almost think that’s more likely, judging on WWE’s past booking decisions, but I’m really hoping I’m wrong.

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People hate the New Day act, and they’re heels, so that fits. It’s not often you find a heel in 2015 that doesn’t get cheered at all, but listening to the crowd reaction they’re getting every week, that seems to be New Day. There’s nothing there the audience finds redeeming. It’s a good heel act.

Match Results

1. Kevin Owens def. Neville to retain the NXT Title: WWE did a nice job re-establishing some of Owens’ prime offense, including the pop-up powerbomb. I wasn’t a huge fan of how they had John Cena kick out of the finish in Owens’ first official WWE match, but this corrected some of that. Cena-Owens on the mic in the promo before the match was terrific, and this should be a heck of a rematch on Sunday at Money in the Bank.

2. Nikki Bella def. Summer Rae: The WWE is treating its Divas Division like it’s sludge at the bottom of a barrel. Nikki and Brie Bella seem to flop back and forth between babyface and heel as WWE sees fit, with no explanation why, and in this match, the actual Divas Title just sat under the corner turnbuckle. They didn’t even establish if Nikki was a heel or face in this match.

Shame on WWE for treating its women the way they do.

3. Sheamus def. Randy Orton via DQ: Overexposure? Check.

Really showcasing the lack of talent development for WWE by continually putting the same guys in the same matches week after week. Earlier this year, we saw 27 Big Show vs. Roman Reigns matches. WWE continually falls into this rut because of its lack of development. Now, that’s starting to change with NXT, but it’s going to take time. What WWE is suffering from right now is its lack of development from 2001-2011. That decade is hurting them considerably, because it didn’t produce many top stars.

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4. Kane def. Dolph Ziggler: Ziggler and Lana are lacking in chemistry. The idea probably seemed like a good one, pairing them up, but it’s falling short in its execution.

5. Luke Harper & Eric Rowan def. Los Matadores: This match was more about establishing Harper and Rowan as a team again/ They squashed Los Matadores and used a modified 3D as a finisher — OK, they flat out stole it. They apparently will call the move “The Way,” and in a post-match promo, Harper kept repeating “tick, tock” while Rowan said that “it’s okay to be afraid,” and that we should be.

6. Big E def. Titus O’Neil: New Day continues to rock. Some are souring on their act, but not me. They’re getting really good heel heat and it’s only going to continue. It did bury the PTP ahead of their tag title shot on Sunday at Money in the Bank, though. That seemed like an odd choice.

7. Roman Reigns def. Kofi Kingston: It still looks like Kingston is in line for a solid heel run as a single this summer with New Day by his side.

8. J&J Security def. Seth Rollins: It’s not entirely clear what WWE was trying to do in the final segment of the show. I think it was to establish that Rollins is on his own heading into Money in the Bank, and therefore Ambrose has a much better shot at winning. If so, well done. If it was just something they clumsily backed into while shooting for something else, then good for falling into this? I really can’t say because it just felt clunky.

The Finish

The opening segment was the best of the night, and Owens looks like he’s primed to quickly be one of the company’s top acts. The closing segment bookended the show alright, with the build heading into the title match Sunday. That said, I think most people are still more excited about Cena-Owens, which shows that Cena has helped raise guys – and the U.S. Title – up in this run with the belt.

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