Is Kyuranger the 2019 Power Rangers Source?

Did Boom! Studios just reveal what Super Sentai season would be used for the 2019 TV season of Power Rangers?

In a surprise move, the Super Sentai source footage for 2019’s Power Rangers season may have just been teased out. On March 21, 2018 Boom! Studios (the current publisher of Power Rangers comics) will be releasing the Power Rangers: Shattered Grid event comic.

On CBR they teased out a huge group shot of nearly every Ranger ever. The poster includes some pretty damn obscure teams (Crash and the Creeps for LIFE!) but tucked in a corner we spotted a helmet that looked familar. 

Yep, right above the Ninja Steel helmets is none other than the Green Ranger’s helmet from Kyuranger! For those not in the know, Kyuranger is the currently airing Sentai season in Japan. 

For some time there had been some speculation from fans about what would be the next Super Sentai season to be adapted for America. The two contendors were Kyuranger and the animal cube themed Zyuohger. While Kyuranger was the likely favorite, considering Bandai America had some input into the original designs for it, fans still weren’t sure.

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This appearance of the Kyuranger helmet just might be the confirmation fans are looking for. Now it should be noted that the art posted on CBR is not final but still, that would be a huge slip up to release a piece of concept art that features a Ranger from a Sentai season we haven’t seen in America yet.

Stay tuned to Den of Geek for more on the 2019 season of Power Rangers. Perhaps this new comic will give us some more concrete info.

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