Is Doctor Who’s new assistant a kissogram?

More details about the character of Matt Smith’s companion in the Tardis emerge...

We’re just a couple of months way now from the fifth series of the revived Doctor Who, this time under the stewardship of Steven Moffat. And it’s Mr Moffat who has been in charge, not just of the direction that the Doctor will be taking, but also who he will be travelling with.

It was announced a while back that the Doctor’s first regular companion for over a year would be Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan. But what’s her role in life before she meets the Doctor? Well, according to a report at The Press Association, Amy Pond will be a kissogram.

The Press Association, which appears to be drawing its source from The Sun (yes, yes. We know!), reports that “Karen will reportedly be seen in a variety of skimpy costumes when she makes her screen debut as Amy in the spring, and will also demonstrate her kissing skill on the Doctor.” That would explain the, er, not very practical policewoman outfit she’s been photographed in on set.

Hmmm. This move, if true, is apparently so that Steven Moffat can add a bit more edge to the show. We’d still be fascinated, if it does come to fruition, to have been in the meeting with the BBC chiefs where he had to get the idea signed off, though…

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Here‘s the Press Association report.

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