Inside The Manson Cult to Run on Emmy Night on Fox

A lost vault of Charles Manson footage fills in details on Fox’s Inside the Manson Cult, narrated by Live Schreiber.

A long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody’s crazy, Charles Manson observed as he darkened insanity to end the cultural revolution of the sixties on a counterrevolutionary note. Fox is developing a two-hour true crime documentary special based on rare footage of the Manson family.  Fox will air the two-hour special Inside The Manson Cult: The Lost Tapes on Monday, September 17, 2018, starting at 8 p.m. ET, which puts it up against the Emmy Awards, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Liev Schreiber (Ray Donovan), who is up for an Emmy, narrates the special.

“Every man judges himself. He knows what he is. I’ve been laying up here paying for your sins for 2000 years. How many times have I gotta pay for your sins? I’m getting tired, I’m getting tired,” Manson says in the teaser trailer, which you can watch here:

“The Manson murders are some of history’s most shocking and grisly crimes,” Rob Wade, President, Alternative Entertainment and Specials, Fox Broadcasting Company, said in a statement. “The Lost Tapes offers incredible insight into how such unsuspecting people fell under Manson’s demonic spell, and how so many of them committed such heinous acts.”

Inside The Manson Cult: The Lost Tapes is directed by Hugh Ballantyne, who made Finding Jesus. The two-part special will explore how Manson orchestrated the murders of actress Sharon Tate and others using original 16mm footage that was found in the archives of Robert Hendrickson, who died in 2016. Much of the footage was shot on Spahn’s Ranch, where Manson’s family lived.

Hendrickson directed the documentary Manson, which was nominated for an Academy Award. The special will include archival interviews with former Manson cult members like Catherine “Gypsy” Share and Dianne “Snake” Lake. They will also speak with prosecutor Stephen Kay and FBI criminal profiler John Douglas. 

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The documentary will also include an exclusive prison interview with Bobby Beausoleil. Manson’s henchman is serving a life sentence for the murder of Gary Hinman in July 1969, two weeks before the Manson family killing spree. It will also feature rare photos. 

Schreiber was nominated for Emmy and Golden Globe Awards for his work on the Ray Donovan.  Inside The Manson Cult: The Lost Tapes is produced by Naked Entertainment. In 2014, Fox developed a scripted series about the Manson family from American Psycho writer Bret Easton Ellis and horror director Rob Zombie set a year before the murders. It was scrapped after NBC’s Aquarius, which starred David Duchovny as a Manson-chasing detective, made it to the air.

It was recently announced that Al Pacino will join Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt and Burt Reynolds in Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming Manson movie Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.

Inside the Manson Cult: The Lost Tapes will air at 8 p.m. ET, on Monday, Sept. 17.

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