In the Flesh Return Possible?

What are the chances of more In the Flesh? We checked in with showrunner Dominic Mitchell on the possibility...

British writer/showrunner Dominic Mitchell has moved onto some pretty high-profile work following the untimely cancellation of his BBC zombie drama In the Flesh, namely his supervising producer/writer role on HBO’s breakout hit Westworld.

But Mitchell hasn’t forgotten about the post-zombie apocalypse drama he created — and neither have we. Which is why, when the writer sent out a tweet a few days ago teasing the potential of a 90-minute In the Fleshfollow-up, we were all ears…

— Dominic Mitchell (@DomMitchell) March 9, 2017

We checked in with Mitchell to learn more about the context of the tweet and to see what the odds of an In the Flesh special might be. According to the showrunner:

“The context of the tweet was to see if there would still be interest in concluding the show with a ninety-minute special. And if that were so, I’d start putting ideas to paper. The idea for the special had been forming in my head ever since BBC Three cancelled the show.”

Mitchell said his interest in creating a special was particularly renewed after a meeting he had with In the Fleshdirector Alice Troughton in which the two were lamenting the lack of closure surrounding many of the show’s plots. (I, too, often spend my nights with these musings.) Ideally, Mitchell said, the In the Flesh special would involve getting the original cast, producers, and crew back on board.

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Prior to the show’s cancellation, Mitchell already had a vision for season three, with lots of “cool stuff” he would still like to explore in a special. Ideally, Mitchell said, the special would include an “extended prologue” for viewers who are new to the show, but, ultimately, the special would be “targeted to fans of the show or people who had heard of the show.”

However, before bringing a specific pitch to potential producers, Mitchell wants to “test the waters,” elaborating:

Would people still be interested in an In The Flesh special? The last thing I’d want to do is start up a Kickstarter campaign or pitch the special to investors and distributors and be told there was little interest in continuing the story of In The Flesh. That would be very embarrassing.

The tweet in question has already garnered some interest, with more than 2,000 “likes” and almost 700 retweets at the time of this posting. Mitchell said of the fan response thus far: “As a Twitter Luddite, I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. As a multiple BAFTA-winning show with a worldwide cult fan base, I believe it’d make sense to do a ninety minute special.” We’d like to think so, too.

Ultimately, Mitchell thinks In the Fleshand its themes of the marginalized “other,”have only become more relevant in the relatively short time that In the Fleshhas been off the air. “I’ve always said I’d dearly like to write a conclusion to a world I’m so in love with and whose themes are even more pertinent than ever considering Brexit and Donald Trump’s win in the United States,” said Mitchell.

So, if you are interested in some kind of follow-up to In the Fleshseason 2, head over to Twitter and use the hashtag #InTheFlesh or show your social media support in some other way. We at Den of Geek would love to find out what happens to Kieren, Amy, Simon, Philip, Jem, and the rest of Roarton — not to mention what the heck is going on with the mysterious pharmeceutical company Halperin & Weston. 

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any news of life beginning again for the In the Fleshstory, and stay tuned for a longer interview with Mitchell. In the mean time, perhaps it’s time for another In the Fleshrewatch? Or at least a short, trailer-length reminder of how great this zombie drama is…