Impact Wrestling Begins to Wrap Up TNA World Title Series

The TNA World Title Series has been a great thing for Impact Wrestling, but it's almost over.

We’re getting close to the end of the TNA World Title Series. This was a solid show even with more interview time than we’ve seen from other World Title Series episodes of Impact. The main event was a very good match between Abyss and Bobby Roode, with Abyss looking better here against Roode than he has in any match over the last year at least, if not longer.

Roode won, but Abyss seemed more like a monster here than he has over the last several months. Perhaps that was due to the fact that he was stuck under James Storm in the Revolution.

With TNA moving to PopTV next year, this is a very good opportunity to reset the product. Abyss could be an important part of that reset. 

The Matt Hardy interview along with ECIII via satellite was a little long, but if TNA is heading in the direction of a Hardy-ECIII final, this was the start of that build. At the very least, it’s very apparent that ECIII and Hardy will meet at some point in this tournament.

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Also, TNA is clearly building up Mahabali Shera for the tour of India next month, but he’s still very green. I’m still not sure, as a viewer, why he’s dancing like a fool. Not everything in pro wrestling needs to be funny. That’s a concept Vince Russo never understood.

Anyway, also during that match, it was interesting to hear a line by Mathews trying to implicate that WWE is a “copycat” for running its own World Title tournament. Really? TNA didn’t invent the tournament format, and I’m sure WWE would much prefer their champion still have an ACL. I guess TNA is copycatting its Full Metal Mayhem match after TLC? Or is that not being a “copycat?” Or the Feast or Fired concept seems like that’s a copycat of the Money in the Bank concept. It just makes TNA sound petty and insecure.

Finally, a random thought, but I’m somewhat surprised that we haven’t seen or heard from Kurt Angle at all during the World Title Series. Realizing he was injured when these matches were taped, he did make his in-ring return at Bound for Glory and I would have thought, even if just as a guest analyst or something, that TNA would have wanted to use arguably its most marketable name at some point during these episodes.

Match Results

1. Awesome Kong beat Brooke

2. Tigre Uno beat Manik

3. Eric Young beat James Storm

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4. Mahabali Shera beat Aidan O’Shea

5. Eli Drake beat Crimson

Quick Strikes

1. Decent opening match with a very expected finish between Kong and Brooke. TNA did a nice job throughout the round-robin format teasing that Brooke could be an upset winner in this group, but ultimately it should have be Gail Kim and Kong, and that’s exactly who will be moving through.

2. This could be the last time we were see James Storm in a TNA ring. If so, it ends one of the best careers in company history. Clearly he’s moved on to NXT, but he was a TNA Original and made his name with that company from the start. … Interesting to see the crowd suddenly react to him as a babyface.

3. A decent promo from Hardy and later, from ECIII. Between this and the previous segment, things were a little repetitive, but there also wasn’t really much for Hardy to say. Regardless, he’s a marketable name and it’s nice to see Hardy finally get a push as a main-event player. This promo left a little to be desired, but again, there wasn’t much to say. TNA probably made him go a little longer than they should have. Nothing was said here that we haven’t heard Hardy say either in other interviews or in pre-taped video packages over the last several weeks since Bound for Glory.

The Finish

What can you say? This was another night of solid wrestling matches for TNA. It wasn’t all five-star matches, but more wrestling on your wrestling show is never a bad thing. 

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