How the TARDIS has changed for Doctor Who series 12

A few tiny tweaks have been made to the Doctor's trusty TARDIS for the upcoming series

During a visit to Cardiff to chat with the team behind Doctor Who series 12, Den Of Geek was delighted to walk onto the set of Jodie Whittaker’s TARDIS. And as a member of the BBC’s production team explained, despite the fact that there won’t be an all-new TARDIS interior this time around, the time-travelling blue box has had a few upgrades since the last time we saw it. We hope you’re ready to dive into some properly tiny nerdy details.

As you walk into it, the TARDIS looks pretty much exactly the same as it did in Doctor Who series 11. And before you start to worry, never fear – the custard cream dispenser is still present and correct, powered by a discrete foot-pedal underneath the central console. It’s on this console, though, that eagle-eyed viewers will notice some changes.

Positioned at various points around the console, the production team has added fold-out metal arms which (after the magic of post-production) will house a series of little viewing screens. These screens will look like rectangular projections onto a fog-like surface, and their presence will allow Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor and her fam to interact with videos (making calls to the baddies and things like that) without having to step away from the console. In the New Year’s special, Resolution, you might remember that Whittaker had to move towards the entranceway to take a hologram call from Charlotte Ritchie’s Dalek-possessed character.

Moving further into the TARDIS, beyond the console, you’ll find another little upgrade: there is now a little set of stairs that leads to a small second level and an infinity mirror, which gives the impression of a corridor that leads to the spaceship’s innards. It’s far from the spacious second level that Peter Capaldi’s Doctor used to love rambling around on, but it does enough to give the impression that there is more to this TARDIS than meets the eye.

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The production team has also moved the outer walls slightly further away from the centre of the room, to add a bit more depth to the space and make it seem bigger. The metal structure that gave the room its “roundels” is still there, but it’s not quite so close to the console.

Also, for the most part, only the very middle pillar thingy will move when the TARDIS is in flight. The production team thought it looked a distracting when all the other pillars around the console were also moving up and down during the show’s time-travel moments.

So, although the TARDIS looks pretty similar on first glance, a lot is going on behind the scenes to make the most of the Doc’s trusty ship. We look forward to seeing her take flight again next year.