How Supernatural Season 14 is Building a Story Without Dean

Dean will be MIA in the fourteenth (!!!) season of Supernatural, which has been a difficult task for the writers...

The Winchester Brothers will continue to carry on past unlucky 13 this year, extending Supernatural‘s status as, by far, the longest-running series in the history of The CW (or predecessor channel The WB). For a while, the network seemed to be priming the pump for a replacement with the recent backdoor pilot for proposed spin-off series Wayward Sisters, too, but that was nixed after the pilot stage. The veteran series continues to innovate, however, showing no real reason to be put out to serial television pasture.

Season 14 will be missing one of its two central characters this year, as star Jensen Ackles occupies the role of archangel Michael, and showrunner Andrew Nabb has admitted to TVLine that it’s been quite a hard task.

“The show’s built upon two pillars, and those two pillars are Sam and Dean. We’ve taken Sam away for little chunks of time here and there, but never in a huge way. He’s been soulless and things like that, but he’s still kind of present. Demon Dean was kind of a one-episode thing, and largely, the action happened off-screen.” But now, he says, “one of the pillars of the show is gone, basically, and that, in some ways, makes things very difficult, because the show is Sam and Dean, and their interplay. It’s challenging to write episodes without Dean Winchester in them, because he is such a fundamental part of the show. But it’s also exciting [for] Jensen and us [to have] the opportunity to play around with this new character.”

While it’s been a challenge for the writers to set up a season missing Dean Winchester’s presence, it has led to the creation of a very unique villain in the series:

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“The hardest thing about a show like this, sometimes, is every year, you have to create the new Big Bad. You have to build that character. You have to build that actor to find a comfort level with the show and everything else. With Jensen playing Michael, there’s none of that. This is an actor who everyone loves, who knows exactly what the show is, who knows exactly who he is, who knows exactly [and] very smartly how to approach this character. So it’s really given us, like instantly, a great bad guy, which is kind of obvious, but it’s something where you’re like, ‘Oh, wow, that’s really, really cool.’”

We’re certainly looking forward to seeing this all pan out. We have more details on Supernatural Season 14 right here.