Here’s how Wonder Woman would have looked

We may never get to see Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman on the small screen. But we can now see her final costume for the role…

Earlier this month, NBC decided not to go ahead with a season order for a TV run of Wonder Woman, having decided off the back of the pilot episode that it wasn’t for them.

Much had been made, while the pilot was being put together, of the costume that actress Adrianne Palicki would have been wearing, and web chatter had come down to whether, er, she’d been wearing hot pants or not.

However, Palicki’s costume was ultimately changed prior to shooting, but it didn’t seem to be the main problem after all. Rather, NBC argued that it didn’t fit into its schedule.

It’s a long shot as to whether we mortals will ever be able to see the pilot, but one image has turned up, and that’s of Palicki post the costume change. So, here, ladies and gents, is the Wonder Woman that was never meant to be…

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