Hardy Brothers, Galloway Announce Departures from TNA

Three of TNA's top stars are leaving the company months after a management change ...

Drew Galloway, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy will no longer be a part of TNA Impact Wrestling, as reports circulated Monday that the trio could not come to terms with Anthem Sports, TNA’s new owners, on contract extensions.

— #BROKEN Matt Hardy (@MATTHARDYBRAND) February 28, 2017Thank you @IMPACTWRESTLING for these past two years & everything we achieved together. I’ll miss everyone & I’ll see you down that long road — Drew Galloway (@GallowaySpeaks) February 27, 2017

The Hardys are a huge loss for TNA, especially considering Matt’s “broken brilliance” has been a major talking point for the company for about the past year. The Final Deletion and other Hardy-themed episodes have been among the most viewed for TNA since it started airing on PopTV last January.

According to published reports, the Hardys verbally agreed to new contracts around December. However, TNA took its time sending them out for signatures, and late last week, they arrived with different language than what was agreed to.

With Galloway, it had been reported that the sides were radio silent for several weeks leading to the expiration of his contract.

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As big a loss as Matt and Jeff Hardy are, Galloway might be the biggest loss in terms of potential. Galloway was untapped from a WWE perspective. The WWE never utilized Galloway correctly and he was doing some of the best work of his career, at least in North America, these past two years with TNA. Galloway became a bonafide top star in TNA, and he still has pleny of youth. Galloway should be someone that TNA was trying to build around.

There are several reasons why Galloway should be a cornerstone for that company. Not only is he supremely talented, but Galloway has rooks in the United Kingdom, which has traditionally been a huge market for TNA.

As much as Dixie Carter’s regime was criticized for mismanagement, this is not a good first look for Anthem Sports, though I’m still willing to give them some benefit of the doubt. TNA is in the midst of a rebuild, with a new creative direction being brought into the company (Jeff Jarrett, Dutch Mantel and Scott D’Amore) along with a new ownership group. But, TNA must invest wisely. If this is a cost-cutting measure, that’s one thing. If this is a chance for TNA to re-invest some money, they netter do it correctly. In this situation it’s one strike and you’re out. There are no second chances for a first impression.

The obvious question now becomes whether or not Matt, Jeff and Galloway have value to WWE. All three do.

Since the brand split over the summer, WWE has been searching for past stars who can still wrestle, in an effort to bring back some star power to each brand. The Hardys and Galloway fit that mold.

The Hardys have a natural rivalry with “the Day of New,” as Hardy referenced them on TNA. In an effort to keep the schedule and workload lighter, I think we’d see the Hardys come in as a team, but remember, Jeff is a former World Champion. 

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Galloway, as stated above, still has plenty left in his tank. He’s someone that WWE could put on SmackDown and slowly begin to build that brand around. 

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TNA’s loss will be someone else’s gain with all three of these wrestlers. Meanwhile, TNA will need to scramble to fill the holes, as the next set of television tapings are scheduled for later this week.